The New Huggies PLUS Premium Diaper Line #LittleMoversPlus

I have two kids under two – a 3 month old and a 22 month old.  My life revolves around feeding them, doing what I can to keep them happy and thriving, and of course, changing diapers!

Huggies recently launched Huggies Little Snugglers Plus and Huggies Little Movers Plus.  These are Huggies’ newest and most premium diapers. I gave the new Huggies Little Movers Plus a try on my toddler. I was excited about trying these new diapers because my toddler is super active (hence Little Movers) and we’ve been dealing with some leakage at night.  So I was curious to see how these diapers would compare to other brands of diapers I’ve used. Huggies Little Movers Plus

I do double-duty on the diaper-front.  It’s actually a treat when I need to change them both at the same time cause it somehow feels more efficient.  The Huggies Little Movers Plus are easy to put on my high-energy toddler who always puts up a fuss when I need to change her, and that helps so much when I have two kids to change and get going with my day or an activity.

I don’t know about other parents, but I actually feel for these little people.  They wear diapers day-in and day-out and with summer fast approaching and our weather here on the West Coast being impeccable for June, I can only imagine how much hotter they feel while wearing diapers.  I often strip my kids down to nothing but their diapers and let them run around (or in the case of my 3 month old, lay around).  I appreciate a diaper that wicks away moisture and a cute design certainly doesn’t hurt!

Huggies Little Movers Plus Diapers

What makes the Huggies Little Snugglers Plus and the Huggies Little Movers Plus so amazing?

  • Both the Little Snugglers Plus and the Little Movers Plus are Huggies’ most absorbent diaper.
  • The Little Snugglers Plus have the GentleAbsorb® Liner which provides a cushiony layer of protection.
  • The Little Movers Plus have a new DryTouch Liner®  and Double Grip Strips for a comfy fit that lasts.
  • Both the Little Snugglers Plus and the Little Movers Plus are available in sizes 1-6.

On a personal note, here’s a quick list of what stood out to me when using Huggies Little Movers Plus diapers for my toddler:

  • At first touch – they are super soft and cozy, more than any other diaper I’ve tried to date.
  • Apart from the Huggies OneNites diapers, they are the most absorbent diaper Huggies makes – I can attest to this.  As I mentioned previously, my toddler’s diaper often leaks at night after she’s had lots to drink before bedtime.  These diapers haven’t leaked even once.  The fact that I don’t have to do laundry every day due to my daughter’s diaper leaking at night is a huge plus!
  • I actually tested the DryTouch Liner® – my hand was nice and dry after she had worn the diaper for a couple hours.
  • I really love the elastic backing, the super wide side bands, and the Double Grip Strips – these are some of the features that I really appreciate about Huggies diapers over other brands.

Huggies Little Snugglers Plus and the Huggies Little Movers Plus are exclusively available at Costco.  Try them out next time you run out of your current diaper brand – they are truly a fantastic premium diaper.

For more information about these awesome diapers, go to the Huggies website and read up on the Little Snuggler Plus and the Little Movers Plus.

I’d love to know, have you tried the new Huggies Plus line of diapers?  What do you think of them?

Disclosure: I am part of the Huggies Ambassador Campaign with Influence Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. Oh my gosh, they have such adorable diapers now. It’s great too that they are so much more absorbent and comfortable for the kiddos.

  2. We are past the diaper stage (thankfully! haha) but these look awesome and I love the design – so cute!! Would make a great gift idea for me to give other moms with little ones still in diapers. 🙂

  3. My kids are long gone from the diaper stage. However, I love to give a case of diapers to the new moms & dads I know and the New Huggies PLUS Premium Diaper Line will be on my shopping list.

  4. I remember the diaper days well! I adored anything that would prevent leaks…and these sound like they would’ve come in handy. 🙂 Glad you’ve found a brand that works for you and your little ones.

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