Re-Play Recycled Children’s Tableware Review

by Melissa H

I’m always looking for toddler safe dishware.

Plates that won’t break when thrown, cups that won’t spill when tipped or left sideways on the couch for a day (or more), bowls that actually hold enough food for a decent snack. And pieces that look cool and fun, but will also hold up in the dishwasher, because let’s be real, I’m not washing toddler plates by hand.

Re-Play tableware

I’m happy to say, I’ve found that tableware line! Re-Play dishes, cups, and utensils are made out of recycled milk jugs! Re-Play products are free from BPA, BPS, PVC, lead, phthalates and melamine. The source plastic is specially selected and cleaned to meet FDA & EU strict purity

The source plastic is specially selected and cleaned to meet FDA & EU strict purity standards. They are dishwasher safe, and when you’re done with them, they can be recycled again!

I love the divided plate because this one has the biggest and deepest sections I’ve ever found. I can actually fit a meal in it! It’s easy to portion out foods that my picky toddler will actually eat and he can see exactly what I’m giving him. I find that he will eat more when I serve him with these plates than with other plates.

Re-Play tableware

I also love the bowls. They are the perfect popcorn bowl for toddlers during movie nights and a great size for an entire cut up apple or pear. The bowls are also great for hot foods like oatmeal in the morning. Pair it with the spoon and you’ve got yourself a winning combination!

We also have the tumbler and the no-spill cups. My toddler likes using both because he’s independent like that. I find that the tumblers might be a bit thick at the top for my toddler’s mouth, but he loves it all the same. They are not easy to knock over, and fit a good sized portion of water, milk, juice, or other awesome drink. The no-spill cups really live up to their name.

We have a forgetful toddler, so he leaves his cups all over the place, and luckily, I haven’t found a spill yet!

Great for bed time, and easy to clean because all parts come off. (Again, in the dishwasher!)

Not just for toddlers, this line would be great for a camping family! All the items come in a rainbow of colours – and more – and you can easily colour code your camping gear per family member. I would absolutely take these traveling because you wouldn’t have anyone fighting over whose cup is whose or have to remember where the sharpie was to write names on the cups and plates.

Re-Play tableware

If you’re looking for colourful, lasting, toddler-proof dishware, please check out Re-Play! You won’t be sorry!

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Disclosure: Samples were provided to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are always our own.



  1. This is a neat series for kids, love the fact that they are made from recycled material & can be recycled when no longer needed.

  2. Love the color selection! If I was starting again with my toddler, I’d get the complete color collection!

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