My August Book Club Selection: Second Life by S.J. Watson

I love reading. I belong to two great book clubs. One book club includes all my mom friends. We’ve been getting together for 8 years now. The other book club I belong to is smaller and includes 5 of my closest friends.

This month it’s my turn to select the book. I’m surprising my small book club with a new bestseller from Harper Collins: Second Life by S.J. Watson.


Julia’s life is comfortable, if unremarkable, until her sister’s brutal murder opens old wounds. She finds solace in her sister’s best friend, Sophie, but when Sophie reveals the extent of her sister’s online life, Julia becomes convinced that the truth about her death lies deep in the dark, sordid world of online chatrooms and internet sex.

What begins as Julia’s search for the truth about her sister quickly turns into an exploration of herself and her own desires. After all, the internet is her playground, and why be just one thing when you can be as many as you like? What could possibly go wrong? After all, it’s only cybersex, isn’t it? No one’s going to get hurt.

But then she meets the dark and mysterious Lukas in an online chat room, and things begin to get very dangerous indeed.

I absolutely love meeting with my book clubs. Here are the main reasons why I think book clubs are great.

  1. It’s fun to get out of the house and talk to other people about a book you loved (or didn’t really like).
  2. Conversations can get really intense. There have been times when I have shown up at a book club meeting not really liking the book and left absolutely loving it. This is simply because our discussion touched on aspects of the story I hadn’t even concentrated on.
  3. You are exposed to new books you would not have normally read if not in a book club.
  4. You get to catch up with friends.

Second Life by S. J. Watson

I am so looking forward to surprising my friends with a copy of Second Life this week. I think they’ll be so excited to get a new book in their hands.

Second Life by S.J. Watson is now available in book stores and online. To learn more about HarperCollins best sellers check out their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for special offers and great giveaways.

I’d love to know, are you part of a book club? If so, what is the best book club book you have read so far?


  1. Never been to a book club, but this here book sounds very interesting, and now I might have to go and check it out to see what happens!!

  2. I love how book clubs introduce interesting books that I wouldn’t have originally chosen to read! It’s so much fun to hear why people like/dislike certain books!

  3. I agree with you that book clubs are fantastic. I haven’t been part of one for years but I do love discussing books with friends. I think that was part of why I loved my English classes in university – we got to talk about books all the time and, like you said, I often started the class hating a book and finished it loving the book. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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