Hot Toy: Torch My Blazin’ Dragon by Hasbro

One of the hottest toys this holiday season is Torch My Blazin’ Dragon by Hasbro. So many of my children’s friends have told me it’s number one on their wish list.

Who is Torch? He’s a large, adorable dragon from FurReal Friends that breathes flame-colored mist!

Torch my Blazin' Dragon review Torch my Blazin' Dragon review Torch my Blazin' Dragon review

What we like about Torch:

  • He’s soft
  • He breathes fire! (aka: flame-colored mist)
  • He makes so many cute sounds, moves his head and blinks
  • He can roast marshmallows
  • His front legs are bendable

Torch has three sensor spots: his nose, his tongue, and his charm. When you touch these sensors he’ll make fun sounds and move. We’ve even heard our Torch burp! He also comes with one color changing marshmallow treat and a water vial. He requires 4 “C” alkaline batteries.

Torch my Blazin' Dragon review

Where to Buy

Torch is available in most toy stores right now. You’ll find him at Walmart and Toys R Us during the holiday season. He retails for $109.99.

Torch is a very cute toy. His reactions are fun and we like his soft fur. My kids really like their Torch dragon. They always take it out when friends come over to show them what he can do. Keep in mind that Torch moves his head but does not walk.

To learn more about Torch check out the Hasbro website.

torch my blazin' dragon review

I’d love to know, is Torch on your child’s Christmas list?


  1. Torch the Dragon is so cute! This would make an excellent gift for my granddaughter. I really like that he breathes fire.

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