PAW Patrol for the Holidays #MBSGiftGuide

I’ve mentioned before how much my son LOVES Paw Patrol. He cannot get enough of this TV Show. He talks about the puppy heroes all the time and wants Paw Patrol toys so badly this Christmas.

I’m so happy that Spin Master has come out with a line of Paw Patrol toys.

This year, my son will find three Paw Patrol action pups and badges, a Paw Patrol pup pal and the Paw Patrol Adventure Board game under the tree. I know he will flip out!

{Paw Patrol Action pups}

Each Paw Patrol action pup does something cool. Chase’s Pup Pack transforms into a crowd-controlling Megaphone, Marshall’s Pup Pack transforms into a super-soaking water cannon, Rocky’s Pup Pack transforms into a garbage grabbing claw and a screwdriver, Rubble’s Pup Pack transforms into a heavy lifting digger, Skye’s Pup Pack transforms into highflying wings and Zuma’s Pup Pack transforms into an underwater jetpack.

paw patrol spin master

{Paw Patrol Pup Pals}

Paw Patrol pup pals are 8” plush pups made with bright and vibrant colors to make their Paw Patrol uniforms pop. There are 7 Paw Patrol pup pals available.

paw patrol spin master

{Paw Patrol Adventure Board Game}

I’m so looking forward to playing this game with my little guy. For this game, you select a pup and spin the spinner. You move along the board game collecting Badge Tiles. Badge Tiles can allow you to take shortcuts. The first pup at the finish line wins the game.

paw patrol spin master

I know my son will have many adventures with his new Paw Patrol toys. I can only imagine how happy he will be on Christmas morning!

You can purchase PAW Patrol toys in many stores across Canada and the US.

To learn more about Spin Master Toys check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. 

I’d love to know, will you be putting any PAW Patrol toys under your tree this Christmas?


My son absolutely loves his Paw Patrol toys. He’s constantly taking them out and having great adventures with them. His Paw Patrol toys were some of his favourite new toys this Christmas!

paw patrol spin master toys


  1. We won’t be having any Paw Patrol under OUR tree this year, but certainly, for our nephews and the other boys in our lives. These guys are so cute! So glad they came out with this line of Paw Patrol Toys!

  2. A Paw Patrol board game? Amazing! I wish I knew sooner. My 2 year old is also obsessed. I bought him lots of little action figure guys and a shirt but never saw / heard about the board game. His birthday is at the end of January, so I’ll get it for him then. I think his birthday party theme will even be Paw Patrol. That’s how much he loves them. lol

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