Sing and learn with the Leapfrog Touch Magic Learning Bus

We were recently given the opportunity to try out a brand new Leap Frog toddler toy Touch Magic Learning Bus.

My kids were so excited when the shinny new yellow school bus arrived. They began pushing buttons right away and playing along with the many games on the Touch Magic Learning Bus.

The Touch Magic Learning Bus teaches the alphabet, early vocabulary, motor skills and learning songs. There are 3 modes on the Learning Bus: Learning, Letter Exploration and Music.


The main learning game on the Touch Magic Learning Bus teaches your child letters. It asks your child to touch a letter than says the letter and adds a cool sound effect. This was very effective for my two year old. He plays with the letter game constantly!

Letter Exploration:

The Touch Magic Learning Bus has a great letter recognition game. The bus asks your child to touch a certain letter and then celebrates once the correct letter is selected. It also asks your child to select a letter that starts with a certain sound. My five year old daughter loves this game.


Some of the songs played on the Learning Bus include The ABC Song, The Wheels on the Bus and more. When songs are playing you can select a band member to play instruments. This is a very fun feature that both my kids love.

What I love most about the Touch Magic Learning Bus:

  • I love the flat surface of the bus, no grooves to clean out and very easy to use for little fingers.
  • The size of the Learning Bus. It’s not too bulky and is light.
  • The two volume levels, not everyone wants to hear the bus singing at top volume all day long!
  • The instrument features, its great for little ones to hear what a tuba and drums sound like when added in a song.
  • The piano keyboard and extra drums where the wheels are located.
  • The on and off button on the front of the bus AND on the back of the bus.

Overall this is another GREAT Leap Frog toy. If you’re shopping for a toddler soon make sure to check out the Learning Bus. You can find the Learning Bus at many stores across Canada and the US. You can also purchase it on the Leap Frog website.

Disclosure: A sample was provided for my review. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and no monetary compensation took place.


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