Snack Time with SunRype Okanagan Energy Bars

I’m always on the lookout for healthy snacks to enjoy when I’m on the go. My days are busy and I often don’t have time to prepare a quick snack to enjoy during my break at work. I was so happy when SunRype asked me to try out their new Okanagan Energy Bars.

I received Raspberry Chocolate bars and Chocolate Coconut bars to try out. SunRype Okanagan Energy Bars are are fruit and whole grain bars that contain pea protein and are nut free. The list of ingredients are very impressive. I love seeing that they use 100% fruit pieces, rolled oats, raisins, sunflower seeds and flax seeds to name a few.

SunRype Okanagan Bar ingredients

I must admit that I didn’t love the bars at first. The texture is very different than the SunRype Fruitsource Bars. It is more dense and you can taste the rolled oats, chocolate chunks and seeds. After a few days and having tried a few bars I started really liking the taste of the Okanagan Energy Bars. The bars are chewy and full of flavour. They are more filling than the Fruitsource Bars and do provide me with lots of energy.

SunRype Okanagan Bars

My kids are picky eaters but they do notice what I eat and always want to try my snacks. To make the SunRype Okanagan Energy bars more kid friendly I often cut a bar in small bite size pieces for my kids to enjoy. I love knowing that they are eating a healthy snack.

SunRype Okanagan Bars

I’ve always got a SunRype Okanagan Energy bar in my bag. Both my husband and I have a small supply we keep at work for when we’re hungry. I’ve shared a few bars with my sister and co-workers and everyone has loved them. Okanagan Energy Bars are my new go-to snack.

SunRype Okanagan Bars

The SunRype Okanagan Energy bar has just received the PTPA Seal of Approval. To see what PTPA thinks of this winning products click here.

ptpa winner

SunRype Okanagan Energy bars retail for $2.29 each. They are available at grocery stores throughout Canada. Be sure to pick one up next time you need a quick, healthy snack!

To connect with SunRype you can check out their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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