Summer Ice Pops Round Up

It’s almost summer!

The kids and I love making up new recipes for ice pops when the weather gets warm.

We recently made Pear and Strawberry chunk ice pops and loved how they tasted!

What you need:

  • One can of pears without juice (I used Del Monte no sugar added)
  • Chunks of strawberries
  • Ice pop molds
  • Blender

pear strawberry ice pops recipe

How to make them:

  1. Cut strawberries in small chunks
  2. Blend pears in blender
  3. Scoop pear in molds, add strawberry chunks after every spoonful
  4. Freeze

These ice pops turned out great! The best part? My kids can make them on their own. I’m sure they will be making these all summer long.

pear strawberry ice pops recipe

pear strawberry ice pops recipe

Looking for more ice pops recipes? These are some of my favourites:

Ice Pops round up

I’d love to know your favouriteĀ ice pops recipe! Share yours in the comments below.



  1. I’ve never made them before but now I’m thinking something with a coconut base and chunks of pineapple? Love that combo!

  2. what a great combination with the pear and strawberries. how refreshing ! I will definitely be doing some of these up for my girls

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