Tips for a Great Ski Day on Whistler Mountain with Kids

Every year my family takes a trip to Whistler Blackcomb. We absolutely love Whistler. The scenery is gorgeous, the accommodations are great and the skiing is out of this world.

When we head up for a day of skiing on Whistler mountain we have to do a lot to prepare the kids. Here are my top tips on how to have a stress free day on Whistler Mountain with kids.

Gear up

Make sure the kids are dressed warm and have a proper helmet and goggles. We also swear by neck warmers (because they work way better than scarves!). You can pick up child size neck warmers at CanSki for about $10.

tips ski with kids on whistler mountain

Map it out

Whistler mountain is pretty big and has tons of different levels of difficulty. When we ski with the kids we stick to the green runs. I highly recommend mapping out your day before heading up to the mountain. You can also use the FREE Whistler Blackcomb Live app. This app gives you lift status updates, trail conditions, maps and more.

Stick to the gondolas

If your kids are relatively new skiers, it’s possible to stick to the gondolas on Whistler mountain and still have an amazing ski day. We usually start in Creekside with the Creekside Gondola and then ski down to the Whistler Village Gondola. Once we’re at the peak of Whistler mountain we hit the family zone and all the green runs that we love.

tips ski with kids on whistler mountain

Take breaks

Little legs get tired pretty quickly. We usually take short breaks before skiing down any run. We always pack our backpack with snacks and drinks. We also sometimes find a sunny spot to sit in the snow and enjoy a snack. Our kids love sitting back and watching other skiers zoom by. Another favourite treat is to head to the Roundhouse Lodge for hot chocolate. This is always a highlight for our kids.

Check out the hidden Tree Fort

We discovered the hidden Tree Fort this year and were blown away. The tree fort is an extremely cool adventure play land in the middle of the ski hill with super fast slides, tunnels, bridges and more. We accessed the Tree Fort from the Bear Cub trail. My son didn’t want to leave the Tree Fort and still talks about going back next time we’re on Whistler mountain. The Tree Fort has WB staff on site and has a place for your skis and picnic tables. It’s the best way to chill out a bit between runs. (FYI – If you’ve decided to ski on Blackcomb check out the Magic Castle Children’s Adventure Park)

the tree fort whistler mountain

the tree fort whistler mountain

the tree fort whistler mountain

Have fun!

Obviously, if you are well prepared you will have an epic day on Whistler mountain with your kids. I truly feel that spending the day on the mountain is a great bonding experience and creates amazing family memories.

the tree fort whistler mountain

To learn more about Whistler Blackcomb check out:

tips skiing Whistler Mountain with kids

I’d love to know, what are your tips for skiing with kids?

Disclosure: I received special perks from Whistler Blackcomb on our family ski holiday. All thoughts and opinions are always my own and Whistler mountain is really one of my favourite places to ski.


  1. always dreamed of going to Whistler even if in the summer, but of course preferably in the winter. My husband would love to hit those slopes.

  2. I don’t get out to ski much anymore, but when I do its usually at Apex Alpine in Penticton, I’d love to try Silver Star in Vernon or Big White in Kelowna though.

  3. I wish I could ski but I think it’s so important to get kids to learn when they’re young and they can learn coordination and get lots of exercise.

  4. I’ve never stood on skies in my life and don’t plan on starting as a pensioner either 🙂 Two of my grandkids have started learning, their parents learn with them too. Perhaps my daughter-in-law will get off the bunny hill this year, she didn’t last year 🙂

  5. I haven’t been to whistler before but it sure looks beautiful.We have a Ski resort called Marble Mountain it’s also very nice,have you ever been there?

  6. The top picture shows our beautiful Canadian winter landscape. It looks like you got some fresh powder which makes for a great skiing day

  7. I have no tips since I haven’t gone with kids yet but I have a question. How young would you start taking the kids? I want to take my older child, but I have a 9 month old baby who I’m still nursing. Maybe it’s best if I bring another adult so the baby can sit in the chalet while I enjoy some bonding with my older child?

    1. You can bring another adult or pop your eldest child in ski school. If you’re going to a resort like Whistler Blackcomb the ski schools are an incredible experience for kids!

  8. My son was there on vacation and he loved it.His pictures are nice too.The skiing looks like great fun there!! 😀

  9. I have never been to Whistler but heard lots of great things about it. I myself try skiing years ago and I was scare… I had a hard time controlling my skies. I love cross country skiing though.

  10. Whistler is one of the few places I have not snowboarded in Canada; I will have to make a visit with the kids. Great tips! A proper helmet is tops on my list of equipment and safety; seen too many permanent injuries and a death related to concussion. Thanks!

  11. Living in the east we don’t have many mountains so it has been years since I have been skiing!! At the time it was lost of fun but not sure if my old bones would like it as much today!! lol

  12. Great tips, the pics of Whistler are awesome, I’ve only seen it once and that was in the summer, the views are spectacular!

  13. I am not much of a skier or snowboarder but hubby is and I would LOVE to go to Whistler one day just for the experience and beauty of it

  14. Looks like a lot of fun and I agree with the kids the tree fort would be an awesome place to chill and have some fun!!

  15. Thanks for the awesome tips, I won’t be going to Whistler but i’ll be going to a hill closeby to my place called SkyLoft. Will definitely gear up and grab some neck warmers. Thanks!

  16. It looks like your family had an awesome day out on the slopes and the tree house looks like a great addition to the skiing

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