Important Reminder: Kids in Hot Cars

By Melissa H.

By now, we all know the dangers of leaving kids in cars in the summer (or winter). But, as summer approaches and the temperatures heat up, a little reminder is always needed.

According to  (a US based website) each year there is an average of 38 kids who die in hot cars from vehicular heatstroke. That equates to one child every 9 days in the summer. And every time we hear about it on the news, on social media, or on the playground, a little piece of our big mommy heart cries for that child, their parents, and their family.

Every parent will think “that won’t happen to me” but it can happen to anyone! There are always stories about the mom who doesn’t usually drop her child off at daycare on her way to work forgetting that she had to do it that day, or the aunt who took the child out to give mom a break and had to run into the grocery store for “just a few minutes” . So how can we keep our kids safe in the summer while traveling, out on the town, or just picking up groceries?

5 Tips to remember your kids in a hot car

  • Put your purse, phone, keys, something you need, in the back seat where your baby is. Chances are you won’t run into the post office without that package you are mailing.
  • Put a post-it on your dash reminding you that your baby is in the car. Some sort of reminder to look in the back seat.
  • Apps like Precious Cargo, and Kars4kids can remind you that you have a baby in the car. You set it up before you leave your first location, and it sets off an alarm when you reach your final destination. (do not use your phone while driving)
  • If your vehicle allows, place your child’s car seat in the middle instead of behind the driver seat. It gives you a better visual of the seat and the child.
  • Leave the diaper bag, child’s stuffed animal or soother in the front seat to remind you that the child is with you.

What can you do if you find a child in a hot car?

Do NOT walk away.

Call 911, and then break a window away from the child so that you can open the door and get them out!

Remember that a sleeping baby woken up is better than a sleeping baby who never wakes up.

Take your kids in the store with you, no matter what. Yes it can be inconvenient at times, and you’d rather run errands without kids (I’d really rather most days!), but it is better than the alternative. Always take your kids with you. Use the tips above as reminders and enjoy your family.




  1. It’s definitely easier without the kids but not worth it. Great reminder! I will be keeping my eyes open as I pass each vehicle.

  2. Great tips! I can’t imagine leaving kid in the car!!! Regardless if you are gone a minute or an hour, its not worth taking the chance!

  3. It is unimaginable to even think these things happen, but they do. We are human and imperfect, and these are wonderful tips to help us remember what is important and stay focused. Thank you. 🙂

  4. Such an important post! I can’t get over the amount of babies/dogs etc left unattended! But i also know the feeling of being a zombie-mom!
    With my orangie-haired daughter, when she was a baby, I had to watch for her not to overheat WHILE in the car with her! It was always driving with windows wide open or air on! She is so sensitive to heat, even now at 10!

  5. Thanks for the tips! You’re right, this is so important! I’m so paranoid about leaving my kids in the car… although my oldest sometimes asks because SHE doesn’t want to come into the store with me. It’s a non-negotiable; they go everywhere I go. Just not worth any risks. Thanks for sharing.

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