Must Have Winter Gear from Columbia Sportswear

If you’re going to do anything great outside during a Canadian winter you need to be well dressed. Wether you deal with rain or snow during the winter months you need a warm head, hands and feet.

This winter, I’ve been keeping warm with new Columbia Sportswear accessories.

I would have been freezing during my recent trip to Whistler if it wasn’t for my Columbia neck warmer, toque and ski gloves.

columbia winter gear review

{Neck Warmer}

This is a must have accessory for any outside sport. Let’s face it, wearing a scarf isn’t always the best option. This Columbia neck warmer is the perfect solution. It’s extremely soft and keeps your neck very warm.


Columbia has so many styles of toques and hats available now. I received two great toques, one grey striped toque and one purple striped toque. I was very impressed on how warm and dry this toque kept my head while skiing on Whistler mountain. I also really like the fleece lining in the toque.

columbia toques review


I received a pair of Absolutely Waterproof gloves to put to the test during my ski vacation. These gloves were awesome. My fingertips didn’t get cold once while wearing them. Columbia has a large selection of waterproof gloves and mitts in store and online right now.


My favourite product tested while in Whistler are my Women’s Minx Slip Omni-Heat boots. I cannot say enough about these boots. They are easy to slip on, keep your feet warm and have incredible grip (perfect for those icy sidewalks). I played in the snow with these boots on, I went sledding, I walked through snowy Whistler village in them. I love these boots so much.

columbia women's Minx Slip II Omni-Heat boots

Now that I’m back home in rainy Victoria, I have worn the boots on cold mornings. These boots are waterproof so they work great in all west coast weather.

Columbia Sportswear is now having their annual winter sale! Shop the site now and save up to 25% off what you need to keep you warm for the rest of winter.

To learn more about Columbia Sportswear check out their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for up to date product information and more.

I’d love to know, what accessory can you not live without during the winter months?


  1. Living in the Prairies these are all ‘normal’ winter gear here. These are great products from Columbia, which is a very good firm for winter gear. 🙂

  2. What awesome Winter Weather Accessories! We just had temps in the low teens, this would’ve been nice to have!

  3. Wow! Columbia has some awesome looking winter gear! It doesn’t snow or get super cold where I live so I don’t need any, but would look into it when we go see snow.

    1. I love the boots SO much Lynda. They are so easy to pull on and off and are very warm. I look forward to wearing them on cold days! I’ve seen them at DSW and they are on sale right now on the Columbia Sportswear website.

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