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Last December, my kids had the opportunity to learn to ski with Whistler Kids ski school.

I had been wanting to get my kids on skis for years now. This year, we made it happen and put both my 4 year old son and 7 year old daughter in one full day lesson with Whistler Kids.

I must admit I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure if my big plan was going to work. My daughter has some anxiety and I didn’t think she’d even let me and my husband leave her for the 8:30am drop off. Here is a breakdown of our experience with Whistler Kids.

{The Day Before the Lesson}

The day before the lesson my husband and I brought our kids to pick up their rental gear at CanSki on Creekside. We arrived at a very slow time and were helped promptly and efficiently. The kids were soon equipped with skis, boots, helmets and poles. The process was smooth and the fitting experts made the experience of trying on “moon boots” for the first time great.

After picking up the gear we headed to the Whistler Kids desk on Creekside to finalize everything for the next day’s lesson. They printed out the kids next day ski lifts and lesson tags. They also informed us of where to drop off and pick up our kids the next day.

{Lesson Day}

Lessons start at 8:30am with Whistler Kids. Kids are provided snacks and lunch during the day.

We dropped off our daughter at the base of Creekside. When we arrived several instructors greeted her and had conversations with her about her upcoming day. They equipped her with a Flaik GPS chip to wear on her leg, gave her a pinny to wear with her name on it and directed her to where she needed to go.

Whistler Kids Ski School review

Whistler Kids Ski School

To our surprise my daughter was very receptive and had no problem with us leaving. She started making friends with kids from Australia and the US right away and was immediately at ease.

Whistler Kids Ski School review

We dropped off our son at the Whistler Kids storefront. He had a harder time letting us go but the ski instructor worked with us and convinced my little guy to stay.

{Lesson Time}

My husband and I headed skiing for the day once the kids were dropped off. We felt assured that our kids were in good hands and knew that Whistler Kids could contact us if there were any problems.

When we returned to pick up the kids from their lesson we had very thorough feedback from both our children’s instructors. This I appreciated. Not only did we get verbal communication of what they did we also received a Skier Progress Card for both kids. The progress card checked off everything they learnt during the lesson, it also had personal messages from their instructors.

The progress card also had their Flaik number on it. With this we were able to log onto the flaik website to see a map of where they had skied during the day. Since it was my kids’ first time ever on skis they didn’t go very far on the mountain but we still checked out the map on the Flaik website. My daughter thought it was so cool.

Whistler Kids Ski School review

Whistler Kids Ski School review

During his lesson, my four year old son learned how to put on and take off his skis, he learned how to walk with his skis on and is working on side stepping up the hill and worked on a gentle snowplow. His instructors also took them for a ride on the Creekside Gondola to play in the snow and have hot chocolate and marshmallows at the top of the gondola.

My seven year old daughter completed everything in Level 1. I was so proud to see that she’s ready for Level 2. She also rode the gondola with her group and had snacks and play time in the snow mid mountain.

That evening we received an email from Whistler Kids with an outline of how far my kids travelled, how many runs they were on and a link to the flaik website.

We loved looking at the aerial map to see where the kids had gone. I can imagine their map will have even more trails highlighted next time they take lessons with Whistler Kids.

flaik gps Whistler Kids

{What your Child will Need for Lessons}

On lesson day, make sure your child has the following:

  • waterproof gloves/mitts
  • snowpants
  • ski jacket
  • helmet
  • goggles

I had no idea that a first time skier would need goggles. I had to rush to CanSki the morning of the lesson to purchase goggles. Thankfully you will get a 10% off coupon when you check into your hotel for anything at CanSki. CanSki stores are located throughout Whistler village and have everything you would need for a great ski or snowboarding holiday.


I was overly impressed with Whistler Kids. Everyone I came in contact with before, during and after the lessons were professional and knowledgable. My kids had an amazing time in ski school and can’t stop talking about it.

My only regret was not putting my daughter in a two or three day lesson.

Whistler Kids Ski School review

I’m so happy that my children’s first skiing experience was with the professionals at Whistler Kids. As a parent, I trusted Whistler Kids to teach my child, care and supervise them while I was skiing on Whistler and Blackcomb mountain.

My family is going to commit to going on one ski vacation every winter. My wish is for my kids to love skiing as much as I do.

To learn more about Whistler Kids check out their website. You can also follow Tourism Whistler on Facebook and Twitter for up to date information on Whistler mountain.

Have your kids ever taken ski lessons? If so, how was their experience?


  1. This program sounds amazing for kids! I will have to get out my local area here in calgary to see if they offer a similar program!

  2. What a wonderful post and breakdown! We took the kids skiing last minute last year. We really wanted them to do a class but it was so last minute it was full. Although they had a ton of fun with mommy and daddy on the bunny hill it really is my goal to grab them some lessons this year. Thanks to you I will remember to bring googles.

  3. I have never ever skied. My kids would Love to learn. It’s not something I have ever had time for. Maybe this year I should look into this closer. Looks like your kids did really well and enjoyed it. Olfa Turki always talks about skiing as such a great physical activity too. Maybe we should try to do this as a family.

  4. Wow, that looks so perfect! I loved how thorough they were. Sometimes the feedback you get from instructors is, “they’re doing great.” Which tells me nothing. Very cool.

    1. I appreciated this SO much Deborah. I was not expecting so many details. It made me feel that the price of the lessons was so worth it. They actually paid attention to what my child did.

  5. We had an incredible experience with the Whistler Kids 5 day adventure camp. Our children at ages 3 and 5 started the week without any experience and ended it by skiing down from the top of the gondola all by themselves! The instructors were so knowledgeable both about skiing but also how to handle the kids. The girls adored their instructors.

    1. This is great to hear Michelle! Thanks for sharing. We are putting our kids in multiple day lessons next time. We were so impressed with the program. Hopefully our little ones will be skiing down from the top of mountain by themselves next time!

  6. Wow, your kids look so adorable in their ski attire! Would you believe I have never gone skiing before?

    1. It’s never too late to try Amy! I thought my kids looked pretty cute with all the gear too. My son got the smallest skis in the rental store. It was so funny.

  7. I haven’t been skiing since high school. As I grew up it got to expensive. I would love to hit the hills once again and take my kids too!

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