10 Reasons to Rent a Vacation Rental or Timeshare for your Next Vacation

We love traveling as a family. When we do, we usually opt to rent a villa or condo at a timeshare resort. There are so many benefits to renting a larger space when traveling with kids.

Here are the main reasons we rent a larger space:

  • 1 > There’s room to stretch out!
  • 2 > You have a full kitchen with refrigerator, range, dishwasher and washer/dryer.
  • 3> You can opt for more than one bedroom giving you privacy from the kids.
  • 4> Villas often have two bathrooms.
  • 5> Villas and condo rentals usually have televisions in the living room and master bedroom. This is a great bonus for when the kids are sleeping and you want to watch a movie.
  • 6> Most timeshare rentals have BBQs available for guest use.
  • 7> Amenities at timeshare resorts are incredible. They usually have multiple pools, beach access, gym access and restaurants on the property.
  • 8> Villa rentals usually come with one complimentary parking spot.
  • 9> There are rarely resort fees at timeshare rentals.
  • 10> Timeshare rentals are usually more affordable than renting a hotel room!

Our favourite timeshare rentals include:

I’d love to know, do you rent villas or condos when traveling with your family? What is your favourite resort and why?

10 reasons to rent a vacation rental


  1. For anything that is 3 day or longer, we always rent a condo or villa through my parents’ timeshare; or if that is not available, I do VRBO or AirBNB. I find it be more economical, but also love that the quality of the home/villa is often better than a hotel (modern, spacious, luxury areas, etc.). Plus, I can escape when the family starts making me insane.

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