Adventure Awaits with Playmobil The Explorers Playsets

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Playmobil has a brand new playset theme perfect for dinosaur lovers! Introducing the new The Explorers theme!

Playmobil TRex Playset

We recently received the new Hidden Temple with T-Rex and Vehicle with Stegosaurus sets for my kids to test out and enjoy.

Playmobil Hidden Temple playset

Hidden Temple with T-Rex

This large set comes with a 3 level temple and a T-Rex. The gate of the temple opens and closes. There are 121 pieces in all in this set, including a cool treasure map that reacts to heat, three characters, two treasure boxes and more.

Playmobil The Explorers playset

My kids love using the tall ladder to make their explorers climb up and down the temple. They also really enjoy using the included UV Flashlight to illuminate the ruin’s crystal eyes and the jungle plant.

Unlike other large Playmobil sets, this one was very easy to assemble.

Vehicle with Stegasoraus

This rugged vehicle sits one character. It has a functioning rope pulley and comes with one Stegasoraus.

This vehicle pairs up nicely with the hidden temple.

Playmobil The Explorers vehicle


The Explorers playsets are a great Playmobil theme. As always, Playmobil has included many smart accessories with both sets we have tested out. The quality of these sets is excellent. The hidden temple and vehicle help promote imaginary play.

Playmobil Explorers Playset

I feel that these sets are a great add-on to any Playmobil collection.

You can purchase the Hidden Temple with T-Rex and the Vehicle with Stegasoraus on

Playmobil Hidden Temple

To learn more about Playmobil check out:

I’d love to know, what would your child like most about Playmobil The Explorers playsets?


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