Race Time: Hot Wheels Birthday Party

My son loves cars. He has a big bin of cars that he takes out and plays with all the time.

His love of cars is why I decided to throw him a Hot Wheels party this year for his birthday. 

Hot Wheels graciously sent over some sets for us to use for his party. We received several Hot Wheels sets including the Track Builder Five Lane Tower and many boxes of cars.

My husband, the kids and I set up the tracks the day before the party and put them to the test. I was impressed at how easily the tracks snapped together and how fast the cars sped down the tracks. My kids played with them for hours once the tracks were set up.

We invited 15 kids to my son’s party. The kids were aged 4 to 8 years old and a mix of boys and girls. They were in awe when they arrived and saw the tracks set up in our living room. When they entered they were directed to a bucket to pick out a car. This car would become the car they could race during the party.

Hot Wheel party

{Hot Wheels Party Games}

We played lots of games at the party. These were all so easy to set up.

1 – How Far Can Your Car Go?

For this game we used the Track Builder 5 Lane Tower. We positioned two cars at the top of the track and when everyone was ready we pressed the handle and watched the cars race down the track.

In this game we measured the distance of each car. Every child took a turn to shoot their cars from the 5 lane tower and see who’s car made it the farthest. The kids LOVED this game. We played it several times each. The party goers cheered each other on when it was someone’s else turn. They loved watching the action.

Hot Wheel Party

2 – Who’s Got the Fastest Car?

For this game we used the Track Builder Deluxe Quick Kick Loop Stunt set and connected it to more track. The cars were launched with the Hot Wheels Essential Launch Pack. The kids took turns to launch their cars. They loved how the cars sped through the Quick Kick Loop and monitored each other.

The kids all cheered each other on and encouraged each other during this game.

Hot Wheel party

3 – Pin the Car on the Track

We played pin the car on the track. I created a big poster with my children. On the poster we drew a road, a lake, houses and trees. I printed out Hot Wheels cars from the Hot Wheels FUNdamentals worksheets and gave each child a car to pin on the road. The kids loved this game. Many of them had never played such a game so there was lots of laughter.

Hot Wheel party

Hot Wheel Party

4 – Hot Wheels Art

I also printed extra cars and had an art station where kids could glue Hot Wheels cars and create a scene for their car. This was a very popular station and the final art work turned out great!

Hot Wheel Party

5 – Free Time with Fun Tracks

After all the races were done the party goers had a blast playing with the Hot Wheels Color Shifters Shark Splashdown Trackset. They also loved the Monster Jam Maximum Destruction Battle Trackset. 

Hot Wheels Party

{Hot Wheels Cupcakes}

Of course the cars had to be incorporated in our cupcakes. I decided to top every cupcake at the party with a Hot Wheels car. This was stunning (and so easy to do). The kids chose their cupcakes very carefully and got to take their car home at the end of the party.

Hot Wheels Party

I thought the cupcakes looked so beautiful.

We also stuck to the car theme with our juice station. The kids loved fuelling up during the party.

Hot Wheels party

{Goody Bags}

Instead of traditional goody bags, each party-goer got to take home a set of five Hot Wheels cars and a Hot Wheels FUNdamentals activity book. The Hot Wheels FUNdamentals program is a program designed for Kindergarten to grade one students. Many of the activities use Hot Wheels cars. Using the cars to count, make patterns and more makes learning fun.

Hot Wheels Party

Overall this was a super fun party. It was easy to set up and the kids truly had the time of their life. I’ve had moms email me since the party asking me which sets their kids played with because their kids keep asking about them!

I highly recommend hosting a Hot Wheels party. Hot Wheels products are readily available and are good for a large age range. I also found that both boys and girls loved the theme.

To learn more about Hot Wheels check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

To learn more about the Hot Wheels FUNdamentals program check out the FUNdamentals website. You’ll find lots of great FREE activities on this site including printable activities for your child. This site is a great resource for both educators and parents.

I’d love to know, have you had a Hot Wheels party before?


  1. nicely done! wow what a party. love the little hot wheels on top of the cupcakes and great gifts for the guests!

  2. LOVE IT! Okay, that is one cool party! Can I come to your next kid’s bday party? LOL! We LOVE Hot Wheels in this house! Hours and HOURS of fun! Love the games, cupcakes, and everything you came up with for the Hot Wheels themed party. You’re one awesome Mama!

    1. Thanks Kerrie. You know what was funny? Most of the kids had NEVER played pin the tail/car on anything before. They loved it!

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