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Not long ago, I was saying how I was constantly losing our Apple TV remote. It always falls through the sofa cushions or ends up in a box of toys. I have no idea how this remote constantly gets misplaced but it does, and it’s frustrating.

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I’m excited to say that I will never lose my Apple TV remote again. Why? Because I now have an awesome Tile Sticker on the remote. The Tile Sticker is just one of many brilliant tracking devices by Tile.

A Tile is a Bluetooth-enabled device that connects to an app and helps you find things that you often misplace. They make everything important findable.

Tile Finder

The Tile Sticker

Tile stickers are small round stickers that will stay on just about anything. They are waterproof and have a 150ft range and a 3-year battery life. 

Stick them on your remote, your bike or anything that may need tracking.

Tile Sticker

Tile Sticker on remote

Tile Sticker Apple TV Remote

The Tile Slim

True story, my husband ALWAYS misplaces his wallet. This can become very stressful. I’m so happy to be popping a Tile Slim in his wallet so he can easily trace it if it goes missing.

The Tile Slim fits easily in wallets, passport holders, and briefcases. 

Tile Slim

This Tile has a louder ring that the Tile Mate, has a 200ft range and a 3-year battery life. 

The Tile Mate and Pro

These are the original Tile products and they are a must for everyone! We have these Tile products on our key chain and have had to use them numerous times.

Tile Mate Pro

Tile Pro on keys

The Tile Pro has a 400ft range, has the loudest ring of any Tile product and a 1-year battery life. The Tile Pro comes in black and white.

The Tile Mate has a 200ft range and a 1-year battery life. 


Tile products make very thoughtful gifts. I think anyone would love one of these in their stockings!

They are easy to set up and easy to use.

All Tile products except for the Tile Sticker qualify for the reTile program which allows you to trade in your Tile when the battery has expired. 

You’ll find Tile products in-store and online now.

To learn more about Tile check out:

.Give the gift of Tile! This high-performance finder is the perfect gift for anyone on your list. #TileIt #GiftGuide


The team at Tile wants one of my lucky readers to try out the Tile Sticker! They are giving away a 2-pack of Tile Stickers to one of my lucky readers.

To enter, tell me what you would put a Tile on, then fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway open to Canadian residents only. Giveaway runs from Nov 22 to Dec 2, 2019. Mandatory question must be answered to be eligible to win. See my Terms & Conditions for full giveaway info. Void where prohibited.

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  1. My keys so they are close to the door so I know where they are and my kids tablet , you’d be surprise how much it goes missing

  2. definitely in the passport holder…..we have misplaced our passports before and had to get them reissued and it was not an easy process from where we live. a short time after receiving out new passports we of course, found the lost ones!! this would have prevented a lot of headache for us!!

  3. I would put it on my home phone as I’m always losing it. That and the tv remote. My dog loves to take it and hide it.

  4. On my husbands keys or wallet. I can’t tell you how many times he misplaces them and seems to think I’ve moved them.

  5. My Dad has alzheimer’s and this would make a great gift. It’s a much needed item in the house. We would put it in his wallet.

  6. I wish I could put them on my glasses! Im always loosing them…and my phone, and my, waterbottle, and my ereader, and my wallet….maybe I just lose everything

  7. This is awesome!! I would put one on my phone and one on my keys. I always lose both in the house and takes me forever to find them.

  8. I would put one on my son’s iPod Touch. He has special needs & uses it as his communication device & he loses it often.

  9. The remotes and my old iphone that I let the kids use. It’s always missing (and doesn’t have wifi unless I give it to them!).

  10. I would put it on my phone. I am constantly misplacing it at home, the most used phrase in my house (I can guarantee to you!!) is “I lost my phone”. Everyone is getting frustrated with me because it happens every. single. day. I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the gift my boyfriend or my daughter buys me this year!

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