Mattress in a Box: Comparing the Douglas by GoodMorning to the Endy Mattress

When I speak to other parents they often tell me their biggest wish is to have a good night’s sleep.

I’m talking hit the pillow and sleep for a full 8 hours (or more!).

I have been extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to test out two extremely comfortable mattresses in the past years. The Douglas by and most recently the Endy Mattress.

Disclosure: I received an Endy Mattress in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are always my own. 


If you’re shopping for your next bed, read on. I’ll outline a few things I love about both these mattress-in-a-box products!

The Douglas by

We received the Douglas almost two years ago. It was our first mattress-in-a-box experience. I loved how easy it was to unpack and set up.

The Douglas by Novosbed review

Here are the main things I like about the Douglas by

  • 1 > The Douglas mattress is medium firm.
  • 2 > The top layer is made of ecoLight® cooling gel foam.
  • 3 > The cover is made of eco-friendly Natural Eucalyptus Fabric.
  • 4 > The Douglas mattress is durable.

The Douglas by has kept its shape and comfort over the two years that we’ve had it. The only thing I’ve noticed is slight discoloration in the foam from when we first received it. This obviously does not affect the comfort level at all. I’m so happy that my daughter enjoys this mattress.

Douglas Mattress

The Endy Mattress

My husband and I have been sleeping on our new Endy Mattress for almost 2 months. I have loved this mattress since the first time I slept on it. Like the Douglas, it was easy to set up and was ready to enjoy right away.

The Endy Mattress review

Here are things I like about the Endy Mattress:

  • 1 > The Endy Mattress is made in Canada.
  • 2 > The Endy Mattress contains Higher Density Foam than it’s competitors, which offers better support.
  • 3 > It is firm yet squishy.
  • 4 > It offers great temperature control (I haven’t been too hot or too cold since I’ve been sleeping on this mattress).
  • 5 > The Endy Mattress has reduced motion transfer. I can barely feel my husband when he moves in bed.

Endy Mattress foam

My husband and I have had the best nights of sleep since we’ve had our Endy Mattress and pillows. I feel comfortable sleeping in any position on this mattress (side, back, and stomach). I look forward to going to sleep on this mattress every night because I know I will have a great sleep.

The Endy Mattress offers great support. I find it firmer than the Douglas by mattress.


In my opinion, both products are revolutionary. It’s incredible that this day in age we can order a reliable mattress online, have it delivered to our door and be able to set it up in minutes.

My husband and I are keeping the Endy Mattress in our room and have given my daughter the Douglas by Novosbed indefinitely. I love the firmness of the Endy Mattress. It is extremely supportive and comfortable.
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I never imagined enjoying a foam mattress so much. I look forward to going to bed every night. I wake up every morning feeling rested and in no pain.

I have already told so many friends about the Endy Mattress. I’ve even encouraged them to jump in my bed when they come visit! I strongly believe it’s a great product and I cannot imagine anyone not being satisfied with it.

The Endy Mattress now offers a 100 Night trial. Order your mattress, try it out for 100 nights and if you aren’t happy with it they will come pick it up and offer you a full refund.

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.Endy Standard Pillow

I’d love to know, what do you look for when shopping for a mattress? Do you think an Endy Mattress would be a good choice for you?


.All about the Endy Mattress


  1. We have had our ENDY mattress for approximately 6 months and both my husband and I love the comfort, little motion and I find I can sleep a lot longer on this comfy baby. Again love it is Made in Canada! Worth every penny!!!

  2. I want an endys mattress so bad, but now I’m considering a Douglas bed instead because it says if u sit up straight on it a lot it will sink or whatever. idk… hard choice

  3. I have had an Endy for about 6 months now and I LOVE IT. I get the best night sleep in years. I use to wake up many times during the night with my old mattress but now wake far less.

  4. Hi there im thinking about trying an endy mattress. I have lower back pain, I alwsys sleep on my back…and im just wondering if my weight ,120 lb will be enough to sink into the mattress to get enough support for my back

  5. Our son and his wife purchased an ENDY four or five months ago. Every time we see them they RAVE about the good night’s undisturbed sleep that they are getting.
    My wife and I purchased an ENDY a month ago. We loved it so much we purchased another ENDY for our RV. Even though the RV is only 2 years old, the ENDY mattress is far superior to the two year old mattress that it replaced.
    I would recommend the ENDY mattress to anyone who may be looking for a better night’s sleep!!!!

  6. Did you find the Douglas isn’t as good for motion transfer? I was leaning towards the Douglas but if the Endy is much better in that aspect maybe I should reconsider. I wake up every time my husband turns over!

  7. We’ve been sleeping on an Endy for just over 2 years. It is yet to start showing its age to be honest. To this day when I get in bed I think: this is the best bed I’ve every had. We joke if we came home one night and it had somehow gone flat, I’d get on the web and offer another.

  8. Hi, what would you say the main difference with the Douglas is? the endy is firmer? more support? we’re also side and back sleepers

  9. Have had our Endy Queen size mattress for 4 months . Neither my husband or I notice when the other gets up in the night. I like a firm mattress, while my husband likes a softer one. But both of us like that we sleep so well.

  10. They both sound great, I would be happy with either! as of right now I have a 20+ hand me down spring mattress which is killing my already bad back

  11. You said the Endy is firmer than the Douglas, but how firm is it really? I’m a side/back sleeper and have been warned not to get a firm mattress.

    1. I like my newly-purchased Endy. Now I’m a fairly heavy person, and I actually find the mattress a touch too soft. It really hugs you; I can’t imagine anyone finding it too firm.

    2. We have our Endy for approximately 6 weeks. The Endy has a soft surface of 2 to 3 inches but is firm below that. If you are heavy, like me, you will feel the firmness. It took me a couple of weeks to get comfortable but now I love it. The best part is that my wife moves around often during the night but it no longer wakes me up.

  12. How would Endy compare to Perfect sense foam mattress?
    I loved my temper-pedic for 10 years was firm and supportive..but so much more expensive so I am trying out perfect sense and Not happy as there is No support.

    1. Hi John, I’m really not sure as I don’t have an adjustable base. I’d recommend contacting Endy directly for an answer.

  13. We’re going on 9 months with our Endy. It replaced a standard pillow top king.

    Absolutely love it and will be a customer for life. I still find it hard to believe this comfort can be had for $167 a month for 6 months.

  14. I have fibromyalgia therefore several pressure points the worst are my shoulders and hips. I also get extremely hot during the night. My husband hates memory foam mattress tops because he feels they are way to squishy. Would you recommend Endy or Douglas?

  15. Hi
    I’m looking for a mattress for a spare bedroom. But I need to know, does the Endy or the Douglas need a box spring or is it alright sitting on the slats on the bed frame? Also what price is the full size mattress for each? Thank you.

  16. I’m actually looking at these two mattresses in particular. I sleep on my back and side, maybe my side a little bit more. I also sleep hot. So looking for what’s best for my sleep style and will keep me cool while I sleep? Any info, suggestions, or advice you can give would be great!

    1. I’m loving my Douglas do much!!! My friend has an Endy. They are comparable. I looked at non biased research and decided on Douglas.

    1. By squishy I mean that it feels a little bit like a pillow top but not quite. There’s a bit of give in the mattress but not too much. I find the Endy extremely comfortable.

  17. After reading your website and reviews I’m leaning towards trying your mattress.portability and less weight transfer are deciding factors

  18. Our pillow top mattress is in bad shape. I never thought foam mattresses could be firm enough!

  19. The Endy sounds like a great mattress. I really like that it has reduced motion transfer and great temperature control.

    1. I have been researching this since we also have an adjustable bed. Most foam mattresses say it’s ok to about a 20% incline on average. You can go higher sometimes, but if you sit up fully a lot, then the mattress will crease. Would love to hear a response from Endy??

  20. I’m not sure why but I was expecting a mattress made of foam that is rolled in a box to cost a lot less than that… but you’ve made it sound more than worth it. I’m definitely considering it.

  21. Oh wow. Reduced movement transfer would be a big one for us. And I agree about having good support that’s still “squishy.” I’ve grown accustomed to firmer mattresses, but I don’t want to feel like I’m sleeping on a wooden plank.

  22. This mattress looks wonderful! I have been thinking about a foam mattress after yours and many other reviews I’ve seen lately. LOVE the video. Well-done.

      1. I’ve never tried a tempurpedic so I can’t compare. I feel the Endy is firm but still has a cushy feeling.

  23. A new mattress is on our wish list and we’ve been looking into these. Sadly I’m finding it’s just not right for us, but ugh that ease of being able to get the mattress up our townhouse stairs!

  24. We have a DOUGLAS BY NOVOSBED matress that we have been very happy with. We have not tried the Endy, but it looks and sounds good too. I love that we can order mattresses to our door.

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