All About Bakugan by SpinMaster

My son loves collecting toys. He always seems to know what the “hot” toys are. On his must list these days are Bakugan toys from Spin Master.

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Bakugan toys are small characters that start out in a ball and transform into cool creatures. These figures resemble dragons, snakes and more.


There are many different Bakugan sets but all sets come with one (or more) Bakugan Ultra figures, BakuCores, one ability card, and one character card.

Once you collect enough Bakugan Ultra figures you can play Bakugan Brawl.

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Bakugan Characters

How to Play Bakugan Brawl

Bakugan Brawl is a fun two-player game. Each player plays 3 Bakugans per game.

Players must set up a Hide Matrix with BakuCore tiles in order to play the game.

To set up the Hide Matrix you must look at your Bakugan’s card. The top right corner of your player card has the BakuCore symbols you will need to arrange a Hide Matrix.

Once the Hide Matrix is set up both players roll one Bakugan over the Hide Matrix.

Game Play:

  • If no Bakugan open, players roll again
  • If only ONE Bakugan opens, that player turns over their card and is declared the Victor. That player can now place their open Bakugan on top of the card.
  • If both players’ Bakugan open, they turn over their Character card and combine the score of each character card and the score of the BakuCore. The highest scorer wins the Brawl. 

Bakugan Brawl

Bakugan Brawl points

Players continue playing their Bakugan until one player has won three Brawls and all three of their Bakugans are open.

Collect Them All

There are over 100 Bakugans to collect. Bakugans transform into cool figures and are fun toys.

You can also purchase a Bakugan Battle Area Game Board. This game board helps keep Bakugans from rolling away when playing the game and can guide you on how to set up BakuCore tiles.

Bakugan toys


My son and I have really enjoyed playing Bakugan Brawl.

I feel these are very fun collectibles and I really like playing the game with these toys. You can find Bakugan toys, booster packs, storage cases and more at toy stores and online. I think these toys make a great gift!

Fun Bakugan toys

Bakugan toy

To learn more about Bakugan check out:

I’d love to know, what would your child like most about Bakugan?

.How to play Bakugan Brawl



  1. My daughter and her friends love playing with the toys. I’m not sure they totally understand the game part of it yet, but they spend lots of time looking at the cards and playing with the toys.

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