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Everyone likes a little variety when it comes to breakfast lunch and dinner. When I start realizing that I’m making the same thing for my family day after day I know it’s time to pick up a new cookbook!

I recently received two great cookbooks from DK Canada, The Illustrated Quick Cook and The No Time to Cook Book and one healthy snack book called Energy Bites. I was so looking forward to trying some new recipes from these books. I’m hoping some of them will become family favourites in no time.

The Illustrated Quick Cook

The Illustrated Quick Cook has over 700 quick and tasty recipes. I started making note of the ones I know my family will like. Some recipes I look forward to trying include grilled chicken with tarragon mayonaise, pasta with roasted peppers and chiles and hot and sour chicken soup.
dk cookbook review

The recipes in this book are very easy to follow. I really like the icons below the recipe name that indicate how long the prep time is and how long the cooking time is for each meal. I am also very impressed with the variety of recipes included in this cookbook. I’ll be making many of the speedy suppers found in this cookbook for my family.

The No Time to Cook Book

This book is perfect for me. There are so many nights when I have no idea what to make for my family. This book is filled with hundreds of recipes that take 20 minutes or less to make. In my opinion, it’s the perfect cookbook for a busy mom.

dk cookbook review
This cookbook uses many illustrations to show you step by step instructions. The directions are very easy to follow. I’m looking forward to making the chicken schnitzel, the cajun-spiced salmon and the quick banana ice cream recipes for this book.

Energy Bites

I was really looking forward to making some Energy Bites from this book. I’m always looking for healthy snacks I can pop in my kids’ lunch boxes and bring to work for myself.
dk cookbook review
Energy Bites has many superball recipes to make. My kids have already told me they want to try out the fruit & nut superball, the apple pie superball and the carrot & sweet beet superball (OK, I’m kidding about that one… they haven’t requested it but I’m making it anyways!)
These three books are great to add to your collection this spring. They are filled with great recipes and ideas for great family meals.

For more information about these DK book you can check out the Food & Drink Boutique now. You can purchase these books at your local bookstore or on

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I’d love to know, which of the above cookbooks would you most like to have in your home?


  1. The Illustrated Quick Cook book sounds amazing,i love how detailed it is.This would be great for my daughter who just staring out on her own.

  2. These look like great books, but then I am addicted to cooking books, I will have to go and check these out, The Illustrated Quick Cook book looks awesome by the way!!!

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