Read Like a Superhero with DK Canada

Summer is a great time to pick up some new books and learn new things.

Recently DK Canada sent my family some fun Superhero books. We received The Marvel Encyclopedia 3rd edition and four DC Universe DK Readers.

{The Marvel Encyclopedia 3rd Edition}

This thick book answers every question you’ve ever had about Marvel Superheroes. My husband was so excited to receive this book. His comic book geek side turned every page with excitement. I really liked learning about all the Marvel Superheroes and villains. Many of them were new to me! My son always enjoys sitting with my husband learning about the good and bad guys.

DK Marvel Encyclopedia

DK Marvel Encyclopedia

This Marvel Encyclopedia 440 pages big. The book is organized in alphabetical order. It features so many great illustrations and facts. I really like seeing old comic book covers pictured and original drawings.

{DC Universe DK Readers}

We received 4 DC Universe Superheroes books. I like these books for so many reasons. My top reasons are that they are easy to take along anywhere (car trips, airplane trips, restaurants). I like that they are levelled and that the illustrations are made with LEGO Minifigures. DK Readers are also very affordable. It’s so fun for me and the kids to see our favourite Minifigures in action.

DC Comic DK Readers

DC Comic DK Readers

DC Comic DK Readers

The stories in these DK Readers are original, easy to follow and action packed. These books make reading fun.

Check out the DK Canada Superhero boutique for books on all your favourite superheroes. You’ll find books on Superman, Batman and the Avengers. All DK Canada books from the Superhero boutique are now available at Indigo, Amazon and at other bookstores across Canada.



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I’d love to know, what superhero would your kids most like to read about?


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