Travel with the Fuji XP90

Photos are extremely important to me, especially when traveling. I recently traveled to Belize with my husband and knew I needed more than my phone to capture great photos. I knew I’d see amazing sites in this country. See crystal clear water and thousands of fish when snorkelling. I needed a camera that could capture great images of my trip.

Fuji sent me an XP90 camera to bring along to Belize. This camera is a great size, is shock proof, waterproof and has WiFi.

Fuji XP90 review

I was immediately impressed by how easy it was to take good photos with the XP90. I primarily wanted this camera for underwater use but found myself taking many scenery pictures and action shots with it. The buttons on this camera are easy to figure out, the zoom is simple and the video mode works great.

Facts about the XP90:

  • Waterproof to 50ft/15m
  • Shockproof to 5.8ft/1.75m
  • Freezeproof 14Β°F/-10Β°C
  • Dust-proof against dust or sand
  • WiFi remote camera control and image transfer
  • Full HD 1080p video
  • Bright 3” 920k dot high-definition LCD with anti-reflective coating
  • 5X optical zoom

As mentioned above, the main reason I wanted the Fuji XP90 was to take underwater photos. I knew I’d be snorkelling every day while in Belize and I wanted a great way to capture what I saw underwater. The XP90 was perfect for this.

I attached the camera to a floatation strap because I didn’t want to lose it. The camera was very easy to use. My absolute favourite feature is that you can snap photos when taking a video. I was able to get many great shots by using this function.

I did my best at capturing the fish (and sharks!) that I spotted under water. My photos didn’t turn out to be National Geographic worthy but this was the user’s fault, not the camera’s. Here are a few shots I captured during my trip.

Fuji XP90 review

Fuji XP90 review

Fuji XP90 review

Here’s a video of the rough tail rays:

Once you get back to dry ground it’s very easy to send the photos from the XP90 to a phone or mobile device. This was perhaps the coolest feature of this camera. I was able to share my underwater shots with my family and friends easily.

Overall the Fuji XP90 camera is a great little everyday camera. It’s easy to use, well priced, durable and takes great photos!

You can find the Fuji XP90 online and in stores across Canada and the US.

To learn more about the Fuji XP90 check out the Fuji website. You can also follow Fuji on Facebook and Twitter for up to date product information and more.

I’d love to know, do you own an underwater camera? What do you like about it?


  1. I’d take pictures every where I went in the city like old city hall the beach.My kids love taking pictures

  2. I would take pictures of my kids in the sprinkler, lake and pool. I’d also take it to Mexico when we go to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

  3. I would take photos with the Fuji XP90 camera on my trip to Halifax if I were not going in two days. First trip , first flight for me ever ! We will be visiting my mom who lives near Barrie on my return , then there’s Halliburton very photogenic area. My kids at home and my brands are very photogenic too as are my dogs garden neighborhood. I’d be back to taking pictures something not so easy with my heavy camera. So much beauty to record!

  4. Cool, great to know that it has a wifi and image transfers and most of all water proof, I do not have any water proof one and I would love to go for a beach oida so this is very handy. Loving it.

  5. I would love to say I’d use this to take pictures of some exotic thing in some exotic location, but if we’re being honest 99% of the time it would be used to take pictures of the cats. I’m owning my cat ladydom.

  6. I love that it has WiFi remote camera control and image transfer and I would love to have the kids play with it at the lake.

  7. We love exploring tide pools along the West Coast so would love to have this camera for some awesome pictures.

  8. My brother and his wife are expecting a new baby this winter. I would love to have this to take lots of baby pics

  9. I would love to take this on my vacations! I’m going to Vancouver in November! Would love to take some lovely pictures there!

  10. It would be great to win this camera as I need one, I think it would be a great camera to to use for just about any occasion, whether with kids at the playground or out for a walk in nature. Thanks for the chance to win. πŸ™‚

  11. I would take pictures in my kindergarten classroom. My students’ parents deserve to see what they have been up to all day!

  12. I would take photos at some of the music festivals & concerts we go to & other outings, vacations & holidays!

  13. I love the wifi image transfer, that’s a new one for me. I would love to test out taking photos at the river in the shallows.

  14. I would take pics of our next hike. I love that it’s waterproof so I’d also take pics the next time we hit the beach.

  15. I like the waterprrof feature. I live on the water and boat all the time, so using this on the river and the ocean would be a weekly occurrance.

  16. I love that it is waterproof to 50 ft.
    This would be perfect for snorkeling at our upcoming trip in October.

  17. woud love to use this camera on our upcoming trips to Kauai, Croatia, Positano and Capri!
    Have a Fuji X-E2 to shoot my high-res shots but wouldnt mind the XP90 for undeewater and day to day camera

  18. I usually take my Fuji X-T10 with me when I go camping with my Boy Scout troop every month. I’m a Fuji fanboy, but I’m always worried I’m going to destroy my camera out in the wild. Especially on the canoe trips. I’d love to have a waterproof camera with Fuji’s image quality to document my troop’s adventures.

  19. Would be great to take hiking and backpacking. Don’t have to worry about getting my current camera wet or dirty . Also, wifi doesn’t work underwater but it would be cool to use the remote camera control on vacations to get pictures with me and my family.

  20. I love that you can send your pics to your phone! So awesome. I’d take this phone to our local beaches and take some underwater wildlife shots!

  21. While the ability to take a photo while shooting video is amazing, I also like the ability to transfer photos over wifi. It would make it easier to leave the phone behind and still be able to share with friends and family while on vacation.

  22. I love the WiFi remote camera control and image transfer feature! I bet this would take some great pics on a warm winter vacation!

  23. I would alway pack it with me camping or going for walks as you nevery know when you need a camera even if it’s to take a pic of a beautiful flower you pass by on a walk.

  24. I’d take some swimming pool underwater shots for starters. I’m sure it would come on not yet planned vacations too.

  25. Oooo I like you can send photos to a mobile device! This is perfect for holidays when you don’t have access to upload them to a computer so you can share with grandparents back home we are eagerly wanting to see how vacation is going

  26. My favorite feature is that it is waterproof up to 50′. I would use it the most, when we go to my daughter’s cabin! πŸ™‚

  27. This would take pictures on all of our family outings and trips. We love to capture our memories through photography! πŸ™‚

  28. I would love to take pictures at the beach, of my family and for whenever my hubby and I can take a vacation

  29. I would put it in my purse and take it everywhere with me, that way I won’t miss out on any interesting or beautiful pics.

  30. The great this is that this Fuji is so compact and versatile, it really is a take everywhere camera. So I’d have to say jut would always be with us for quick point and shoot moments.

  31. Well my obvious favourite feature is that it is waterproof, so my next favourite is that it is shockproof to 5.8ft – perfect for me since I tend to drop my cameras now and then… I would love to use this with my kids at the local swimming pools and beaches, and on our next trip to Hawaii!

  32. Well I guess first I’d start at home and on our staycation. Then I’d use it on our next vacation (somewhere warm)

  33. We could get some really cool photos of the kids at the lake! This would be nice to have for shots of their watersports; swimming, tubing, & skiing!

  34. Our family just finished a tubing trip on the Cowichan River. This camera would have been perfect for taking photos in the rapids!

  35. We are going to visit my daughter in Europe, I would bring it along to take pics of our first trip abroad πŸ™‚

  36. I would love to take photos of the kids at the water park with this camera and not having to worry about getting it wet!

  37. I would use it on every vacation we go on. Always do a snorkelling excursion! Could use this for my upcoming trip to Manzanillo, Mexico!

  38. WOW your pictures are amazing ! Thank you for sharing. I would take my camera on a vacation, on kids field trips, birthday celebrations, to the zoo !

  39. I love that you can take videos and snap at the same time!! This would come in handy on our trip to Mexico!! We will be swimming with dolphins πŸ™‚

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