New Hasbro Star Wars Toys and Games #PlayLikeHasbro

Both my kids are huge Star Wars fans!

They have only watched the movies a few times but are drawn to the story line and characters.

We were so happy to test out some new Star Wars toys by Hasbro. Hasbro sent us a set of Star Wars Hero Mashers and the Star Wars Hands Down game.

{Star Wars Hero Mashers}

My kids are very familiar with Hero Mashers. They already have Jurassic World sets that they plays with all the time. They were so excited when they saw their favourite Star Wars characters in the Return of the Jedi Hero Mashers set. They asked to open the large box right away and started having fun mixing up Darth Vader, Han Solo and more.

Star Wars Hero Mashers

Star Wars Hero Mashers

The Star Wars Hero Mashers are very easy to take apart and mash-up. The knobs are very sturdy and limbs are moveable. The Star Wars:Hero Mashers Return of the Jedi set comes with one Scout Trooper, one Han Solo, one Luke Skywalker, one Darth Vader and one Stormtrooper.

My kids play together with these Hero Mashers and create fun combinations of their favourite characters everyday.

{Star Wars Hands Down}

My son loves board games. We have many many family game nights. He was so excited to play a new game – Hands Down. He was even more excited to see it was the Star Wars version. This game is very simple (which is a bonus when you’re playing with a young child).

Star Wars Hands Down

Hands Down is a speed game. One player spins the wheel and every players tries to be the first person to put down the correct card. The winner is the person that gets rid of all his or her cards first. The game is pretty quick if playing with only two people. It gets more challenging with more players.

I appreciate how simple the rules are for this game. This is a game that I would take along with us on vacation as it doesn’t require many parts.

Star Wars Hands Down game

Star Wars Hands Down game

Both the Star Wars Hero Mashers and the Star Wars Hands Down game are great for any young Star Wars fan. I know my kids will love playing and displaying their Hero Mashers. They will also have fun playing Star Wars Hands Down with us again and again. These Hasbro toys are now available in stores and online in Canada and the US.

To learn more about these Hasbro Toys check out the Hasbro website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I’d love to know, have your kids played with Hasbro Hero Mashers before? Which set are their favourites? 


  1. my girls are three and under so havent played with them yet but knowing my hubby and his love for star wars it will just be a matter of time lol 🙂

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