It’s a Star Wars Christmas with new Hasbro Toys

Star Wars is popular in our home again this holiday season. My kids have been hearing a lot about the latest Star Wars story – Rogue One. We decided to hold off on taking them to see this movie but we are still happy to see them love Star Wars toys.

Even though they won’t be seeing the latest Star Wars installment they still love playing with Star Wars toys.

This holiday season, Hasbro sent us two top Star Wars toys: the Spin-Action Lightsaber and Galactic Heroes The Ghost 2-in-1 Vehicle Playset.

Spin-Action Lightsaber

This updated Spin-Action Lightsaber is pretty cool looking. It has a spinning hilt, the blades light up and it makes cool sounds.

Star Wars Hasbro toys

This Lightsaber:

  • Can every angle with the 360-degree spinning connector lightsaber hilt
  • Is customizable with other BladeBuilders Lightsabers

I know my son will go nuts when he opens this toy and will feel like a real hero when he uses it.

Playskool Heroes The Ghost Vehicle

This playset is super cool. It has a removable cockpit, has launching projectiles, a detachable scout vehicle and comes with one action figure and a droid. I know my son will love playing with this set along with his Millennium Falcon.

I am a big fan of Playskool Heroes products. I feel that the figures and playsets are easy to use and are not too scary looking.

Star Wars Hasbro toys

Star Wars Hasbro toys

These Star Wars toys are available in stores now. They are great gift options for any Star Wars fans on your list.

Star Wars Hasbro toys

To learn more about these fun Star Wars toys check out

I’d love to know, do your kids have Star Wars toys? Which set is their favorite?


  1. MY brother went crazy when the original Star Wars came with the movie and the toys and that was back in the 70’s I believe and now new generations are getting the same thrill

  2. They do seem really popular this year… I picked up a couple Star Wars toys for the younger one and I have a feeling the adults in my life will want to play with them.

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