Packing Hack when Traveling with Kids #FamilyTravel

I travel with my family a few times a year. When we travel we usually only take one large suitcase. This saves us from carrying multiple bags through the airport and saves us money on luggage fees.

I always got very frustrated when I arrived to my destination only to find all our clothing mixed up and all over the bag. I decided I had to do something about it. Then I came up with the idea of putting each family members clothing in individual pillowcases. This trick has made packing way easier and has made me feel so much more organized.

{How to Pack like a Rockstar Mom}

1. Select one pillowcase for each family member.

2. Organize clothing and accessories on top of the pillowcases. This gives you a great visual of what each person will be wearing each day of the holiday and if you are missing anything.

Packing Hack for families

Packing hacks for families

3. Stuff the pillowcases with each person’s belongings.

4. Stuff them in the suitcase.

Packing Hack for families

5. Arrive at the hotel, pull out individual bags and unpack in dresser drawers.

This saves me SO much time looking for different outfits for the kids. I love that everything is contained in the pillowcase. There are never any missing pieces.

I don’t personally add shoes or sandals in the pillowcases but you absolutely could do this.

NOTE: I always pack all our swim stuff in a beach bag that I bring along. Again, this makes it easier to get going when we arrive at our destination. I usually hang the beach bag with all the swim gear in the closet so it’s easy to find.

Packing Hacks for families

Looking for great ideas on what to pack in a child’s carry-on bag? Check out this post.

I’d love to know, do you have any great packing tips?


  1. Not only do I think that this is brilliant, but I am SO impressed that you can all pack in one suitcase. Seriously, we take 3 large ones for 3 of us. And that is a tight fit. How do you fit in toiletries? Blow Dryer, Curling Iron, Hair Products? Mom, dad and teen girl.

  2. Looks like you know what your doing, I totally suck at packing and I forget stuff and I’m like how am I going to fit everything in that little

  3. I LOVE packing lists and I think the pillow cases are a genius idea. They are also great spur of the moment laundry bag and can help with homesickness for little ones in hotel rooms.

  4. Well – this is genius. I’m definitely going to try this for my next trip in a few weeks. My packing tip is to roll clothes. I find I can fit more if I roll the rollable stuff. I also use ziplocks that I recycle with every trip – mainly for hygiene/selfcare and beauty stuff. Looks like you’re already doing that with your sunscreen. Great Post! Will definitely try it too!

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