The Bumbleride Flite takes off! #review

In the market for a well built, lightweight and functional stroller?

I’ve been testing out the Bumbleride Flite for a few months now and took it on a family vacation to Mexico. I was extremely impressed on how easy it was to take along and how well it performed on the bumpy roads in Mexico.

The Bumbleride Flite is the umbrella stroller in the Bumbleride line. Like all other Bumbleride strollers the Flite maneuvers well, has lots of extras and looks great!

Things I love most about the Flite:

  • It only weighs 13lbs
  • I can use the stroller for my baby and toddler – it holds up to 50lbs!
  • It comes with a car seat adapter – not often seen in an umbrella stroller!
  • It folds down easily and has an awesome carry handle
  • It has a great canopy that has an SPF 45 protection on it
  • It has a large basket to store lots of things in and a zippered pocket for your ipod
  • It comes with a cupholder
  • It has an adjustable footrest and the seat reclines to an almost flat position. Great for when baby falls asleep!

Bumbleride Flite

The Bumbleride Flite is built light and built strong. It is a durable stroller that feels more like a full size stroller than an umbrella stroller.

I highly recommend you check out this stroller. You won’t be disappointed!

You can find the Bumbleride Flite at and at specialty stores across Canada and the US.




  1. Seriously love this stroller. After all the research I’ve done on strollers, this is definitely one of the best. Can’t wait to get one!

  2. It would make my wife’s life so much easier because it’s such a lightweight stroller. She also has a compact car with a small truck so this stroller would be perfect for her. If I win this stroller, she will be so happy! Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  3. This looks like a very nice travel or day trip stroller. I like how light weight it is. This would be great to use in place of the bulky travel system stroller for our toddler.

  4. First thank you for the great giveaway!! I love how light it and how well they handle,this would work great for my 3 year old, or my 6 month old,since it goes up to 50 pounds..


  5. We have the Indie twin and love it and I’m sure we’d also love the Flite as our umbrella stroller. It looks great!

  6. It only weighs 13 lbs! That is amazing! I really wish I had one of these! I have had two strollers now. Neither have been a pleasure to take out! The first one is way to big, heavy and awkward! The second is tiny! but heavy for its size and barely hold anything at all! I have heard nothing but great things about these strollers and would love to give one a try! I’m sure I would finally have a stroller that I can call “great”!

  7. LOVE this stroller. A sturdy umbrella stroller is every moms dream, if it came in a double i’d be delirious!!

  8. oooh, to have an umbrella stroller that rolls in a straight line:) I would love to have this so that I didn’t have to pack my large all-terrain stroller on quick trips.

  9. I also have an Indie and have been looking for Umbrella strollers to complement our Indie and would LOVE a Flyte. I <3 Bumbleride!

  10. Awesome stroller… love the wide span at the bottom so it wouldn’t be tippy like other umbrella strollers.

  11. Thank you for your review on the Bumbleride Flite! Wish that we would have had this review a few months ago when we were in the market for an umbrella/travel stroller!

  12. Very interested in trying this out from reading your blog! I have a Bob and find it quite big and bulky would live something that’s less difficult especially with two kids on the go!

  13. With an 18 Month old & the nexd due in August, my old hand me down just wont due, the Flite looks like a dream stroller!

  14. looks great:-) and I am in a need for an umbrella stroller for our europe vacation this summer:-) thx for hosting such a great giveaway:-)

    1. They are awesome espeaiclly since buying two strollers (one jogger and one not) is SO expensive!! This one brings together the best of both worlds. I mine already and I haven’t even put a in it yet haha

  15. I love that this stroller is so light weight so I wouldn’t have trouble lifting it into my compact car’s trunk. And because it’s such a compact stroller, I won’t have an issue fitting it into my car! Awesome stroller. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  16. I want this so bad! I have the indie and LOVE it, however would like something smaller as well. This would be so easy to go visit grandma and all the other family out of state.

  17. What a great stroller! It looks like you put it through a great test run and I’d love to have one now! Thanks 🙂

  18. I would love this for taking my kids for a walk and to the park. Its hard with 2 dogs, and 2 cats to bring with you as well.

  19. Great review – it’s helpful to know how much the stroller weighs – 13lbs – because that is a big factor for me in choosing a stroller since I’ll have to lift it a lot!

  20. Hunting for an umbrella for our little guy’s first plane trip, and the more I read about the Flite, the more I love it–seems like the perfect travel stroller!

  21. Your review was great and all positives about the Bumbleride Flite. I am in the market for a light, reliable and easy to navigate umbrella stroller…so fingers crossed!

  22. Would love to add this to my house! We gave the Indy and love it but it’s big to travel with. This would be AMAZING!

  23. This stroller looks perfect for not only traveling but also for trips to the store. I have a huge Graco stroller right now and this would be an awesome change!

  24. Good to know, Ladena! Our umbrella stroller is looking more than a little worse for the wear. I will definitely check out the Flite when it is time for a new one!

  25. Sounds like this will make any long distance travel a dream, but yet sturdy enough to go around your hometown as well!

  26. Would love to see how this performs on mall floors. I have a bumbleride flyer a few years ago that was perfect in every way except the wheels were horrid on mall floors.

  27. I have the Bumbleride Indie and would love the Flite, as far as i’m concerned there isn’t a better unbrella stroller out there.

  28. I’ve been seriously considering purchasing the Flite as my umbrella stroller. It’s light and it has so many great features!

  29. I’ve been looking for an umbrella-type stroller, and this looks like it may be the perfect one for us! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  30. We recently decided to get rid of our car since we live in downtown Chicago. I have a three year old and three month old, have to take the bus and train, and love bumbleride- this is PERFECT for us!

  31. This stroller looks great! I would love to win this for our new little guy that is due tomorrow 🙂
    Happy Holidays!

  32. Wow! This stroller looks like a dream! Would be perfect for us! We have a 1 year old and another on the way so it would work for either child! I really like that it’s only 13#!

  33. We love the Flite! We desperately need a lightweight stroller for our 2.5 year old. Bumbleride is a great company that makes amazing strollers!

  34. This stroller sounds perfect! absolutely what I need. All my other strollers are so clunky or they’re flimsy, especially for pushing around airports. And you know we’re always scrambling and running late in airports. So we need something light, yet durable so it won’t fall over and crumble in a heap w/ our 3yr old in it as we turn a corner at light speed to catch our plane. The large basket will actually be perfect – we’ll all just throw our shoes in the basket after going thru the security x-rays. There’s never enough time to actually put them back on, of course.

  35. Every time I see this stroller I want it! We have the Indie, which we love, Bumbleride makes great products. Unfortunately, it will be hard to convince hubby we need a second stroller…

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