Babywearing with the new Lillebaby Airflow Carrier

by Melissa H

I have been using a Lillebaby Airflow carrier with my 16 month old for the last few weeks and I have been really enjoying it! Here in BC it has been super hot, with some days feeling like 32 degrees Celcius! For us, that’s hot!

The great thing about this carrier is that it is made with sturdy mesh, so it is so breathable. It doesn’t feel like I’m strapped to a hot sweaty baby, even though I am because the air can get to both of us.

Lillebaby carrier review

The Lillebaby Airflow carrier holds my baby in the perfect M or froggy legged position, it keeps his head close enough to kiss, and keeps his airflow clear. All things you should be looking for while babywearing.  He was comfortable enough in it for a long walk, and I never felt a pull on my back, hips, or shoulders.  I could definitely see myself wearing this carrier from infancy all the way to toddlerhood. Because of the extended torso support, it will grow with your baby as they get taller.

The waist strap is sturdy and has a comfortable lumbar padding to protect my lower back, which helps with my 25lb baby. The shoulder straps are very cushy on my shoulders and prevent digging in when babe is on me for long walks. I like that the shoulder straps can be criss-crossed as well for extra support or if you have narrow shoulders. And, if your babe falls asleep, you can easily pull the hood up to cover their heads and keep their sweet head from bobbing around. It also helps keep wind and sun off of their heads.

Lillebaby airflow carrier review


The LilleBaby carrier is so versatile! It can be adjusted to be worn with brand new babies, infants, and once big enough, babies can face in, face out, go on your back, or on your hip. Breastfeeding is also made easy with this carrier and is very discreet. I was able to latch my baby on and walk around the mall and no one knew anything was going on!

Lillebaby airflow carrier review

I would absolutely recommend the LilleBaby Airflow Complete carrier to anyone researching baby carriers for their babies.

For more information about the Lillebaby carriers, check out their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I’d love to know, did you wear your babies? What did you like best about it? 


  1. seriously i need one of these in my life ! have always wanted one with my two girls but never got one. really would come in handy and looks so comfy

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