The Best Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on your List #MBSGiftGuide

Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you that opening stockings is my favourite part of Christmas morning. As a child I always had the best stockings. I always loved all the little gifts I’d find hidden in my stocking.

Nowadays I love finding perfect gifts for my children’s stocking, my husbands’ stockings and my family’s stockings. (Shocking fact: I also usually fill my own stocking…)

This year I’ve got great products to put in my children’s stockings, my husband’s stocking and my mom’s and sister’s stockings.

{Stocking Stuffers for Everyone}

On Christmas morning everyone will be getting a Wrigley’s Holiday Fun Books. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Holiday Fun Books. There is such a large range of Fun Books. This year my kids and husband will find Skittles Fun Books and Life Savers Fun Books in their stockings. Wrigley’s Fun Books are found in many grocery and drugstores and retail for only $2.99 each.

Wrigley's Holiday Fun Books

Wrigley's Holiday Fun Books

{Stocking Stuffers For Him}

I love adding shampoo and cream in my husband’s stocking every year. This year, I’ll be including Clear Men shampoo and Dove+Men Pro-Moisture Shave Cream. Dove Men+Care products have a great scent. The Dove Men+Care shave cream helps reduce shaving discomfort and razor burn. The Clear Men shampoo is anti-dandruff and has a hydration lock formula.

Dove Men+Care products are readily available in stores and are well priced.

Dove Men+Care

Dove Men+Care

{Stocking Stuffers For Her}

My mom’s and sister’s stocking will have products by St-Ives and Vaseline this year.

They will receive St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub and St Ives Fresh Hydration lotion.

The new St Ives Fresh Hydration lotion is a spray so it doesn’t leave that heavy lotion feel. It’s sprays on easily and leaves a nice fresh scent.

The St Ives Apricot Scrub uses naturally derived exfoliants, it clears pores and helps stop breakouts before they occur.

The Vaseline products I’ll be including in their stockings are from the Intensive Care line. These non-greasy lotions help moisturize dry skin and have a fresh, clean scent.

St Ives and Vaseline stocking stuffers

St Ives and Vaseline stocking stuffers

I cannot wait to see everyone’s faces on Christmas morning when they open their stockings. I hope they appreciate what’s inside and love the products I chose for them.

I’d love to know, will you be adding any of the products mentioned above in your stockings this year?

What’s your favourite thing to add in stockings?




  1. We do the lifesavers books as well. I have never thought to do shampoo and whatnot! Those are fantastic ideas. We usually do socks, chocolates, movies, and small candies.

  2. Those are great ideas! My kids always get lifesaver books in their stockings and Mommy always gets cream! You nailed it for the best stocking gifts!

  3. My kids get a lifesaver book every year, it’s become a tradition. Also we definitely put lots of the dove products in my hubby’s stocking as well as mine. Other things I am using this year are these really cute fisher price cars for my toddler (since he can’t have too many other things) as well as my older kids are getting things like chapsticks, nail polish and of course some chocoloate. Great ideas, thanks for sharing!

  4. I love shopping for stocking stuffers too! Always a way to get some little presents to the kids (& hubby)! You have some great suggestions here, love the Skittles fun books! I remember getting the Life Saver ones as a kid!

  5. We’ve already stocked up on the Dove mens products for our sons stocking. At 16, they are the perfect addition to it. Our favorite things to add are chocolates. Can’t go wrong with chocolate!

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