Introducing Blaire Wilson the 2019 Girl of the Year

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Every year my daughter and I look forward to seeing who the new Girl of the Year from American Girl will be. 

We love the anticipation leading up to the big reveal and have always been impressed with the story and how beautiful the Girl of the Year is.

Introducing this year’s Girl of the Year: Blaire Wilson.

GOTY Blaire Wilson

About Blaire Wilson

Blaire is from New York’s Hudson Valley. She loves to cook and create new recipes with ingredients from her family farm. Blaire is helpful and is learning to manage friendships, screen time, and even a food sensitivity.


This year’s Girl of the Year (GOTY) Blaire is wearing a beautiful summer dress with a bee pattern. She comes with sandals, a flower hairpin and a cute yellow bracelet. Girls will learn all about Blaire in the new book included with the doll. 

American Girl Blaire Wilson

Blaire Wilson bracelet

Blaire Wilson sandals

Blaire measures 18″ tall, has curly red hair and green eyes that open and close.

There are many new outfits and accessories available for Blaire. Blaire’s canvas tote and accessories are a perfect addition. Blaire’s restaurant is also available. It includes a wooden open-air restaurant and kitchen with a service window and lots of food items.

Blaire Wilson GOTY

Where to Buy

The Blaire doll and books are available now at select Chapters and Indigo stores and is available online.

I believe this American Girl doll makes a beautiful gift for any young girl.

American Girl GOTY Blaire Wilson


.Introducing Blaire Wilson, the 2019 Girl of the Year from American Girl


  1. I love that she has a unique story of modern farm life. My daughters are city kids so I think they will really enjoy reading about her life on the farm.

  2. I like that Blaire comes from a farm since we have farms in both sides of our families (mine and my husband’s) – our girls will be able to relate to her a little bit. I love her hair colour because you don’t see too many dolls with red hair. I like that she has food sensitivities because although my kids don’t, my niece has a severe allergy, and several of my kids’ friends and classmates have allergies so it’s a relevant topic to bring to light.

  3. I like that she is a simple girl and her feminine style because I think my daughter could relate to the doll in those ways. Thanks!

  4. What I like the most about Blair, is that she is a simple girl living and dealing with normal present day issues.

  5. I like that Blaire is a doll that is learning to manage friendships, screen time, and even a food sensitivity. They are the qualities that I would love my daughter to emulate and develop because it is the world and generation that she will grow up in.

  6. I love her whole look with that darling face ,sweet hair style and that a darling summer outfit! I know a special little girl who would never put her down except to sleep with at night.

  7. I like that she comes from a family farm. That her interests are relatable to all young girls. She is such a beautiful doll.

  8. I love her hair it’s so much like my granddaughters and I love that her interests are cooking and creating new recipes!

  9. I’m most excited for her because my daughter loves helping me with the gardening and Blaire also gardens. Pretty neat!

  10. Love that she is cute and tall , that she is from a farm and that there is the book , my niece would love her

  11. Shes dealing with issues all little girls deal with at one time or another. Plus she has my daughter’s hair color!

  12. I like that she is learning to manage relationships which is something all young girls need to go through and she is dealing with a food issue which many of us also have.

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