Limeapple Activewear Sale – Save up to 40% off!

If you have a daughter, chances are she’s starting either dance, skating or gymnastics classes this month.

This year, my daughter is signed up for both dance and skating. Since she’s grown over the summer it’s time for us to stock up on great activewear for her busy life.

Thankfully, Limeapple has their annual Activewear Sale on September 11th. 

During this sale you’ll find 25% off all new Activewear and 40% off all other Activewear.

This is a great time to stock up on leggings, body suits, hoodies and more.

Limeapple activewear sale

My daughter will be going back to skating wearing Limeapple’s Triple Axel Skate Leggings. I really like how the leg on these leggings fits over skates. I also like the thickness of these leggings. I know they will keep my daughter warm while she skates.

She’ll be wearing the  Limeapple Mantra Colorblock hoodie when she goes to the rink and to the dance studio.

I’m always so impressed with the quality and style of Limeapple clothing. I think they are very suitable for young girls.

I also like that any order over $25 is shipped FREE.

Mark your calendars moms! You’ll absolutely want to pick up new bodysuits, leggings and more for your daughter during the Limeapple One Day Activewear sale on September 11th.

I’d love to know, what classes are your kids signed up for this fall?



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