New Games from Hasbro for the Holidays

Every Christmas my children receive a new board game. It’s kind of become a tradition. We really love playing games together as a family and Christmas is a great time to add to our board game collection.

This year, Hasbro sent two fun games for my kids. My daughter will be receiving Monopoly Banking Edition and my son will be receiving Simon Air.

Monopoly: Ultimate Banking Edition

This is yet another version of the classic Monopoly game. The reason I think my daughter will love it is that this version has bank cards! This game doesn’t use any Monopoly money.

Monopoly Banking Edition scans the players cards while playing. Property can boost and even crash in this version of the game. This Monopoly also introduces Event cards and Location spaces. This fast pace game is going to be so fun to play!

oly Banking Edition review

Simon Air

I remember playing a game similar to this as a child and loved it. Simon Air is a game that challenges your memory. Turn it on and start copying the sequence that Simon gives you. I really like how portable (and light) this game is. This version of the Simon game has touch-free technology and can be played alone or with a friend. I know my son will love this game!

Simon Air Review

Both Monopoly Banking Edition and Simon Air are available in stores now.

Monopoly Simon Air Hasbro games

To learn more about Hasbro games check out:

I’d love to know, do you give games as gifts? What are your childrens’ favourite games?


  1. I love board games and games where everyone plays together. I used to play all kinds of games when I was a kid and Simon was one of my favorites

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