NEW Kellogg’s Products you Must Try + Giveaway

I absolutely love it when brands come out with new products in the new year.

Kellogg’s is always a brand that I stock in my pantry, so I was very excited to see their new lineup for winter 2017.

Crispy Popped Granola

There are two new yummy granolas in the Kellogg’s Nourish line that you must try out. The Mixed Berries blend and the Dark Chocolate Coconut are filled with oats, rice, and quinoa. These granola cereal doesn’t contain any artificial flavours or colours. They range from 230 – 240 calories per serving.

All-Bran also has a new Cranberry Almond granola. This granola is high in fibre and low in sodium and fat. It’s filled with real raisins, cranberries and almonds.

New Kellogg's 2017 products

Crunch Cereal

My kids have almost finished our sample box of Kellogg’s All-Bran Multi-Grain Crunch cereal. This tasty cereal only has 8 grams of sugar per serving and has a hint of natural maple flavour. This cruchy cereal is great with milk or dry in a to-go cup (great for snacks!)

On-the-go Nutrition

One of my family’s favourite Kellogg’s products are their Nourish bars. We love them because we see what we’re eating. Kellogg’s has two new flavours of these bars – Caramel Sea Salt & Mixed Nuts and Coconut Cashew & Dark Chocolate. These bars are so tasty it’s hard to eat just one. They include great ingredients such as quinoa and gluten-free oats.

Vector also has new protein bars. The new Trail Mix flavour bars include 10g of protein per serving. Ingredients in these bars include cranberries, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and peanuts.

New Kellogg's 2017 products

Chips Please!

Pringles has a new flavour of chips and it’s pretty great! You will now find Ketchup flavoured Pringles on store shelves. These are pretty tasty and great to bring along at parties.

My family has really been enjoying our box of Kellogg’s goodies. I highly recommend you look for these on your next shopping trip.


Kellogg’s wants one of my readers to enjoy all the new snacks mentioned above. They are giving away a box of Kellogg’s goodies to one of my lucky readers.

New Kellogg's 2017 products

To enter, tell me which of the above products you’re most looking forward to trying, then fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

Giveaway runs from Feb 3 – Feb 15, 2017. Mandatory question must be answered to be eligible to win. Winner will be contacted by email. Void where prohibited. See my Terms & Conditions for full giveaway info.

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Disclosure: Kellogg’s provided products for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. We would love to try the ketchup flavoured Pringles. Our favourite chip flavour is ketchup so this will just add to our enjoyment.

  2. I’m looking forward to trying the Caramel Sea Salt & Mixed Nuts Nourish bars. I love caramel with sea salt and nourish bars have been a favourite of mine for hiking.

  3. I would really like to try all of these products, but the first one would be the Nourish Caramel Sea Salt & Mixed Nuts!

  4. I`m most excited to try the ketchup pringles because I love pringles and ketchup! Actually though,I want to try it all!

  5. I’m definitely most interested in trying the NOURISH POPPED GRANOLA with QUINOA because I absolutely love cereal, all kinds, this one looks like it would be great for addons like fresh fruit or a dollop of yogurt on top!

    🍲 Thanks for the great giveaway myfamilystuff & good luck to all you MyFamilyStuffians! 🍲

  6. I am most excited to try the Ketchup Pringles chips because that is my favourite chip company and my favourite chip flavour – has to be good!!

  7. I want to try the Nourish bars, they look very satisfying and full of protein. Perfect for on the go!

  8. I would love to try the Special K Nourish Popped Granola w/ Quinoa – Dark Chocolate Coconut. I would love to eat it with yogurt

  9. the Coconut Cashew & Dark Chocolate bars sounds like they will give me the boost I need to keep going throughout the day, plus you can never go wrong with chocolate

  10. I am most excited to try the Special K Nourish Popped Granola w/ Quinoa – Dark Chocolate Coconut, as I love all the ingredients listed, especially chocolate. Kellogg’s makes delicious products.

  11. I love snacking on granola bars so I am excited to try the Special K Nourish bars especially the one in the Caramel Sea Salt & Mixed Nuts!

  12. I am most excited about the ketchup Pringles because ketchup chips are my favourite and pringles have that wonderful eating shape….<_Yes, that is a thing.

  13. I love nuts, quinoa and salt so I’d like to try the Special K Nourish w/Quinoa Bars – Caramel, Sea Salt & Mixed Nuts.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  14. It would be terrific to win a Kellogg’s Prize Pack.
    In response to your questions of
    Which of the new Kellogg’s products are you
    most excited to try and why?
    I am most excited to try the Ketchup flavoured Pringles
    because i love chips.
    Thank you for having this contest.

  15. Iam most excited for the All Bran Cranberry Granola because I love it in my yogurt
    or just as a great snack with a little bit of milk.

  16. Looking forward to trying the Special K Nourish Dark Chocolate and Coconut, sound like something I would enjoy.

  17. I can’t wait to try the Pringles Ketchup chips! I love both of them separately, so I imagine they’re even better together!!!

  18. The Dark Chocolate Coconut Nourish sound amazing! I love them both and will definitely be looking for this in store.

  19. I’m excited to try the Pringles Ketchup chips because ketchup chips are my favorite so I’m looking forward t trying them.

  20. I’m most looking forward to trying the Ketchup Pringles because it’s a combination of my favorite flavor and my favorite brand.

  21. I am most excited to try the Kellogg’s All-Bran Multi-Grain Crunch cereal as I am always looking to add fiber to my diet.

  22. I’m most excited for the All Bran Cranberry Granola. I love that granola goes so well in both a yogurt bowl or with milk.

  23. Wow new Kellogg’s products i’m most excited to try the ketchup Pringles because i love ketchup and i sure so love Prinlges….i bet it’s a great tasting combo

  24. I am most excited to try the Pringles Ketchup Chips because ketchup flavour chips are my favourite! Thanks for the chance!

  25. I’m most excited to try the All-Bran Cranberry Almond Granola because it’s high in fibre and low in sodium and fat.

  26. I’m most excited for the granola. I find granola to be more filling for breakfast than regular cereals.

  27. The All Bran Mutli Grain Crunch looks yummy so that would be my first choice. I tend to like crunchy cereals that are not too sweet. Something tells me the Pringles Ketchup chips would be the biggest hit with the rest of my family though!

  28. The Mixed Berry and Dark Chocolate Coconut CRISPY POPPED GRANOLA cereals sound really yummy. I’d love to try both of them because we enjoy cereals with a variety of textures and flavours.

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