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I was a Nintendo kid. My sister and I had the original Nintendo game system. We played Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros. all the time.

I recently rediscovered Nintendo with my 8 year old daughter. She received a Nintendo 2DS for her birthday last year. At first I was teaching her how to use the DS. Now she understands the Nintendo 2DS better than me and is teaching me tricks.

Our Nintendo experience has now expanded because we recently received a Nintendo WiiU Deluxe Set with Super Mario Maker.

{About the WiiU}

The WiiU Deluxe Set with Super Mario Maker kit I received comes with the WiiU hardware, the WiiU Game Pad, Game Pad Stylus and Sensor Bar, WiiU Game Pad stand and cradle, WiiU console stand and a download code for Super Mario Maker.

The WiiU was very easy to set up. I plugged in the USB cord from the console to our TV, synced the WiiU Game Pad to the WiiU console and then signed into my daughter’s Nintendo account. We were playing Super Mario Maker as soon as our WiiU Game Pad was charged.

The WiiU Game Pad is large and has a 6.2″ screen. The screen is super clear, the graphics are amazing. The remote has sound and vibrates during certain games. The WiiU Game Pad has a touch screen. A stylus is included. The remote is very easy to use. A cool feature of the WiiU Game Pad is that it can also be your TV remote.

What you see on the WiiU Game Pad, you also see on the tv screen. The player can choose to watch the screen on the WiiU Game Pad OR the tv. I personally like to watch the tv when playing but my kids prefer the WiiU Game Pad. I like the option of the tv because when one person is playing the other can watch all the action on the big screen. You can also play a game on the Wii Game Pad and watch a show on the tv if you wish.

WiiU review

If you want to play two player games you will need a second remote. All Wii remotes work with the WiiU (yes! the Wii Remote, Nunchuck and Wii Balance Board will work). You need to add any other remotes in the Virtual Console Menu and then you’re good to go!

WiiU review

{Super Mario Maker}

You can imagine MY excitement when we started to play Super Mario Maker. This game allows the player to create their own levels in Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Marioworld and Super Mario Bros U. As you play you unlock new items you can add to your game. Super Mario Maker is very simple to play. It’s very straightforward and so much fun.

My family has had WiiU nights instead of movie nights for the past few weeks. Every member of the family has their favourite version of Super Mario Bros. We all encourage each other when building our levels and all take turns playing them. I’m very impressed that even my 5 year old son can create levels that are fun and challenging.

Perhaps the coolest feature of Super Mario Maker is the fact that you can upload your creations so other WiiU users can play them!

My kids love Super Mario Maker. Here’s what they have to say about the game:

“I really like that you make your own levels and that you can try other people’s levels” – my daughter, age 8

“I like adding mushroom guys and Bowser to my levels” – my son, age 5

{Favourite Gift}

The Nintendo WiiU with Super Mario Maker is my absolute favourite product in my gift guide. It brings so much excitement to me and my kids. I love that my kids are enjoying the same game as me. I cannot wait to add more games to our WiiU collection.

Playing our Nintendo WiiU has been so great. I feel that it’s the perfect gaming system for my family. There are so many games available for all ages. I know my kids will grow with the WiiU and that the game content will always be suitable, challenging and fun for them.

The Super Mario Deluxe Set WiiU Bundle retails for $329.99 in Canada. You can purchase it at Walmart, Best Buy, and The Source. Games for the WiiU are available in stores and can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop.

For more information on the Nintendo WiiU and Super Mario Maker, check out the Nintendo website. You can also follow Nintendo Canada on Facebook and Twitter for tips, contests and product information.


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  1. I am a huge Mario Kart fan, but I know my boys are desperate for Mario Maker. I can’t afford it this year for Christmas, even though all three of my kids asked for it from Santa. (We’ve already told them it isn’t going to happen… but I guess that is the point of a wish list!)

  2. My favourite is Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong – my daughter’s fav is Animal crossing – my sister got her into it years ago!

  3. Wow, this may be the best prize in mommy blog history! I grew up with Nintendo and love the games and the company, but haven’t been playing as much lately, so this would definitely be a great way to catch-up, especially since I heard Animal Crossing’s one of the best series out there. 🙂 Anyway, my fav Nintendo game would have to be Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

  4. My favourite Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda, Link between Worlds because you get to adventure in both a colourful and bleak world. The characters are charming and collecting all the lost maiamai squid babies is a fun (and adorable) challenge

  5. My favourite Nintendo game (and there are many) is Super Mario Bros. 2 for the NES. Probably the most underrated for being different but that’s why I love it! Still play it at least once every six months

  6. my favourite was Super Mario Bros and there was another one I played all the time and I just can’t remember

  7. Great post! I’ve been wanting to hear more about the WiiU!
    We love Nintendo and our favourite game is Mario Party!

  8. I just bought the Mario Maker Wii U to put under the tree for my son. I think he is going to be very happy when he opens it!

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