STEM Gift Idea: Gravitrax Speed Starter-Set

One of the top STEM toys this holiday season is Gravitrax.

The Gravitrax interactive track system is perfect for imaginative kids (and adults!).

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Gravitrax speed 

About Gravitrax Speed Set

This starter set is awesome! It comes with 185 pieces and 7 accessories.

Each Gravitrax set comes with instructions, which I feel are very helpful at first. Once you figure out how to build tracks you have free range and can do so much! Gravitrax systems make marbles go through curves, junctions, freefalls, and more.

Gravitrax Stem toy

best stem toys Gravitrax

I’m very impressed with the launchers on Gravitrax sets. I also like how smoothly the marbles roll on the tracks.

Gravitrax sets are creative, open-ended, and expandable! There are many Gravitrax sets and accessories available. All sets are compatible with each other.

Gravitrax Marble Track

Gravitrax sets are also electronic-free and use STEM-friendly concepts. This toy builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

marble track Gravitrax

You can pick up Gravitrax in stores and online now. The smallest Gravitrax set starts at $79.99 and goes up to $399.99.

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Gravitrax Starter-Set

I’d love to know, what do you like most about Gravitrax?



  1. I used to love the game Mouse Trap only to watch the marble go around the fun contraption. I would’ve loved this as a kid! I should get it for my son. He’d have fun with it.

  2. WHOA. Next level marble maze. We had the simpler plastic tower version when kiddo 1 was younger, but this looks way more fun with how far you can customize it.

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