New at Indigo Kids: WellieWishers by American Girl

My daughter has had years of enjoyment with her American Girl dolls. She has saved up her money to buy accessories for her dolls, displays them on the top shelf in her room and pulls them out to play with her friends when they come over.

We have always been impressed with the quality of American Girl dolls and have loved seeing them be part of our daughter’s childhood.

I was recently introduced to a new line of dolls by American Girl called WellieWishers. I was extremely excited to see what this new line was all about and see if they were as beautiful as their original dolls.

Wellie Wishers by American Girl review

Wellie Wishers by American Girl review

About WellieWishers

WellieWishers are a line of dolls designed for children aged 5 – 7. They are smaller than traditional American Girl dolls measuring 14.5″. They come in a beautiful box, have gorgeous hair and accessories just like American Girl dolls.

Wellie Wishers by American Girl review

There are five WellieWishers dolls: Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Camille and Emerson. Willa is an animal lover, Kendall is creative, Ashlyn is a kind princess-in-training, Camille is an ocean lover and Emerson is a performer. Each doll comes with an adorable pair of wellies that show off their personality.

WellieWishers aim to teach young girls empathy, kindness and compassion, by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes (or Wellie’s in this case!).


We received the Willa doll and her Giggles and Grins Playset. I was immediately impressed with the craftsmanship of this doll.  She has soft flowing hair, a beautiful outfit and the cutest boots. She can stand by herself and can be positioned to sit with ease.

I really appreciate the fact that Willa’s boots are easy to remove. I can imagine that it would be easy to change her outfits as well – something all young girls love doing with their dolls!

Wellie Wishers by American Girl review

There are many playsets and outfits available for Willa and her friends. The Giggles and Grins playset we received comes with a cute case and funny joke items. Other accessories include and explorer set, a treasure set and a tea party set.

Wellie Wishers by American Girl review

Wellie Wishers by American Girl review

Where to Buy WellieWishers

WellieWishers are now available at IndigoKids stores across the country. You can also purchase them at WellieWishers retail for $74.95. This product ships free from


I am really impressed with this new line of dolls. I think they are a wonderful doll to foster imagination in any little girl. They are unique dolls with a nice message. I can imagine that every little girl would love to own a WellieWishers doll.

The quality of this doll is comparable to traditional American Girl dolls. I feel that these dolls could be a special doll for all young girls. WellieWishers would be a special gift for an important milestone or celebration.

To learn more about WellieWishers check out:

I’d love to know, does your child have a special doll? What do you like most about new WellieWishers dolls?


  1. OMG these dolls are the cutest! i love their accessories and look at those lady bug boots. My daughters would both love one of these dolls. I will have to keep it in mind for Christmas 🙂

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