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LEGO is always part of our Christmas. Every single year my son and daughter have LEGO on their wish list.

I don’t blame them, there is really nothing that compares to a great LEGO set.

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This year, on the top of my son’s list, are LEGO Hidden Side sets. These new sets are like nothing LEGO has ever done before. They are the first augmented-reality LEGO sets that are surely going to bring hours of fun to every playroom.

LEGO paranormal Intercept Bus 3000

About LEGO Hidden Side

  • > This theme is a series of “haunted” building sets full of fun functionality and secret surprises
  • > Use the free App to bring sets to life
  • > Scan your LEGO set and find and capture ghosts floating around
  • > Find clues in the module and solve mysteries in the app
  • > There are 8 LEGO Hidden Side sets to collect
  • > Hidden Side LEGO sets are recommended for kids aged 8 and up

LEGO hidden side bus

Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000

We received the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. This set comes with 689 pieces and 5 mini-figures and one ghost dog. 

Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept busLEGO Hidden Side sets

This sweet bus has a pull-out command center and flip-out toy cannons. The set also has a portable toilet that can change into a brown-tile spitting haunted ghost monster for a lot of silly role-play fun.

Paranormal Bus 3000 LEGO

LEGO Hidden Side

.LEGO Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus

More Hidden Side Sets

You’ll find so many fun LEGO Hidden Side Sets in stores and online now.

These include a Ghost Train Express, Graveyard Mystery and a Wrecked Shrimp Boat.

LEGO Hidden Side Ghost Train Express

LEGO Hidden Side Graveyard Mystery.LEGO Hidden Side wrecked shrimp boat


I think new LEGO Hidden Side sets are so much fun. I love that LEGO has created sets that incorporate augmented reality. I know my kids will have hours of fun playing with their new Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000.

The 8 sets available now are very creative sets and will surely spark any child’s imagination.

You can purchase LEGO Hidden Side sets in stores and online now. Hurry! These are sure to be a top toy this holiday season.

.All about LEGO hidden side sets #LEGO #LEGOHiddenSide

To learn more about LEGO Hidden Side:

I’d love to know, what LEGO Hidden Side sets would your child like most this holiday season?


  1. Oh wow the stuff they can do now with our smart phones, the kids are going to love this, having the surprises coming out of their creation, just hope they have a smart phone!

  2. I’ve only recently heard about these new sets and I do find them fascinating – I’m hoping my grandkids get one so I can see it in action.

  3. This is so stinkin’ cool. I have no doubt my nephews would LOVE this for Christmas. Going to watch for a sale this Holiday 😉

  4. oh wow look at all the different sets! my two oldest recently found a love for lego . definitely could use some more

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