DIY: Vintage Trick or Treat Sign

My kids love decorating for Halloween. It’s such a fun holiday for us and we always try to add more decorations outside our home every year.

This year I decided to make a wooden Trick or Treat sign to display by my door. Here’s how I made it.

{What you Need}

  • Pieces of wood (I used left over cedar shingles)
  • Wood glue
  • White, orange and black paint (purchased at Michael’s)
  • Small paintbrushes
  • A pencil
  • Sand paper

{How To}

1. Once your pieces of wood are glued together paint a coat of white paint over all the boards.

DIY Halloween sign

2. After the white paint is dry, paint an orange coat on top of the white. Before the paint dries use a pencil to write out your desired message (the white will show through). You can print out your saying and trace it or write it free hand like I did.

DYI halloween sign

3. Use your black paint to fill in your message.

4. Once your paint is dry use the sand paper to sand the sign on the corners and over some of the orange sections. This will give it a rustic look.

DIY Halloween sign

That’s it!

I love how my sign turned out. So many of my friends asked me where I bought it. They were shocked when I told them I made it myself.

What message would you put on your Halloween sign? I’d love to know!


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