Long-Term Endy Mattress Review

It’s hard to believe that I have had my Endy mattress since April 2019. I still remember unrolling the Endy mattress on my bed frame and thinking, is this mattress in a box really going to be better than my traditional spring mattress? The answer for me is yes, much better.

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Now that I’ve had over 500 nights of sleep on my Endy, I thought it would be a good time to share how my mattress is holding up.

How Has it Stood Up

I’m so impressed with the foam on my Endy mattress. The mattress itself has kept its shape perfectly (my traditional mattress didn’t even do that!). Not only is it comfy as ever, but it’s also durable and built to last. It’s kept its shape perfectly, and I have to say that I think the comfort level has improved with time. The mattress cover on the Endy is equipped with a zipper to easily remove and wash should you want to. The three layers of foam beneath the mattress cover have faired well and have kept their shape.

Endy Mattress with sheets

Consistent Comfort

I have to say that I think the comfort level of the mattress has improved with time. I’ve traveled quite a bit during the time we’ve had our Endy mattress and it’s always a treat to come home to sleep on our Endy bed.

The temperature control is noticeable from season to season. We never feel too warm or too cold when sleeping on our Endy. I also still appreciate the no motion transfer with this mattress. My favourite part is the no motion transfer – I rarely feel my husband move in the middle of the night.

Our Endy continues to be extremely comfortable. I always wake up rested.

Endy Mattress on bed

Endy Accessories

I have continued to trust the quality of Endy products and have acquired many of the accessories that make my sleep experience better. I actually have a difficult time deciding which accessory is my favourite (they are really ALL so good).

The first accessory I tried was the Endy pillow. I absolutely love the pillow and have purchased some for my kids, in-laws, and my mom. The pillow is easily customizable, hypoallergenic, has a 100% cotton cover, and is incredibly comfortable.

Endy pillows with kitten 

We switched to using the Endy duvet and love it! It’s the perfect weight for summer and winter. It doesn’t bunch up like other duvets I’ve had. This duvet uses 100% Vegan down alternative and has handy corner loops to help secure the duvet to the duvet cover. I love this product!

The Endy Duvet cover is super soft and easy to zip up over the duvet cover. The 300 thread count Endy Duvet Cover now comes in 3 colours (white, storm grey, and glacier blue), is 100% organic cotton and machine washable. 

The Endy Warranty

All Endy products have a great warranty. I know that if I need help with anything, Endy is there to help me out.

The Endy mattress also has a 15-year warranty, so you can rest easy. If you experience a manufacturing defect that is covered under their warranty, Endy will offer a one-time replacement or repair of the original mattress size purchased. It’s super easy to get a hold of Endy’s customer service team, who are always happy to help you, whether it be with warranty questions or anything else!

Endy Mattress

Endy Family and Friends

I have been recommending the Endy mattress to family and friends since I received it. I’ve had friends and acquaintances come to try out our bed so many times. I’ve answered so many questions about the mattress and why I like it to friends from across Canada.

Many of them have gone ahead and purchased an Endy and have been very satisfied.

Endy Mattress logo


I’m so happy with my Endy mattress. I will never go back to a traditional mattress again. My mattress is still as comfortable as the day I unpacked it. (If not more today!).

I’ve had some of the best sleep on my Endy Mattress, and can’t wait for many more. I trust the Endy Brand and will continue to support this Canadian business.

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  1. I’m coming up on the 2nd anniversary of my Endy mattress purchase and I still love it as much as the first day I slept on it, perhaps even more. I’ve also purchased the Endy pillows and mattress cover and they’re wonderful as well. I think my next purchase will be the duvet, considering the quality and comfort of all the other Endy products I don’t think I can go wrong. I’m a believer!

  2. I’m very interested. And a 10-year warranty, that’s amazing. I think one would be great for our holiday trailer as well as in our bedroom. Thanks for the information.

  3. Sleep is incredibly important to me. I’ve suffered from arthritis for 20 years since and a good mattress makes all the difference in how I wake up. I think I will try an endy next after so many fantastic reviews.

  4. Sounds like an awesome mattress, wonder how it would be for a person like me (way over weight) and having a bad back I can’t have anything I sink into

  5. A good mattress is everything ! we had been sleeping on a hand me down mattress since my husband and I first moved in together 14 years ago. We bought our 1st mattress together just 2 months ago and man does it make all the difference

  6. Do you find the Endy mattress to be more of on the “firm” or “sink-in soft” side? I’m looking into getting one but I do like my mattress to be more firm.

    1. I do find it more firm than soft. It does have a nice “light bounce” but overall, it’s firm. I find it extremely comfortable.

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