Relive your Favourite Movies with Hasbro Toys

What was your child’s favourite movie this year?

My son’s absolute favourite was Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. When I saw Shang-Chi toys from Hasbro I knew I had to get them for him for Christmas.

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Hasbro Toys

Marvel Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Hasbro has great toys to make your child feel like they are part of the Marvel Shang-Chi universe.

This season, you’ll find the Shang-Chi Legend Of The Ten Rings Blaster and the Shang-Chi Battle FX Bo Staff on store shelves and online.

The Shang-Chi Legend Of The Ten Rings Blaster is a bracelet that kids put on their wrist that looks just like the Ten Rings worn in the movie. This blaster can launch 5 rings without stopping. This is a fun role play toy that will absolutely make kids feel like they are in the movie!

.Shang-Chi blaster

The Shang-Chi Battle FX Bo Staff is another great accessory to help kids imagine they are in Shang-Chi. This Bo Staff get kids moving, makes martial arts sounds, and looks just like the Bo Staff Shang-Chi used in the movie.

Shang-Chi Bo Staff

Marvel Avengers Mech Strike

Kids favourite Avengers characters get more powerful in their Mech Suits. Play with your favourite Avenger or add him in his High-Powered Mech Strike Suit.

.Avengers Mech Strike

There are many Marvel Avengers Mech Strike toys to collect. You’ll find Captain America, Thanos, Iron Man and more. 

Avengers Mech Strike

Frozen 2 Twirlabouts

Twirlabouts are modern princess toys that put a twist on classic doll play. Twirabouts sets can convert into two different play sets. The Picnic Playset converts from a sled to a castle. Even the adorable characters have the ability to change their facial expressions.

.Frozen Elsa Twirlabouts

There are many Twirlabouts sets to collect and the sets can be connecting when in their sled form.

Frozen Twirlabouts

I really like these toys based on movies. I think it’s a great way to connect kids with their favourite characters.

You’ll find these toys in stores and online now.


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I’d like to know, which of the above toys would your kids like to play with the most?



  1. My toddler would totally love the Frozen twirlabouts and my son would totally love the mech strike! (@benchmark.faria) on IG!

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