Using Uber in Orlando Florida

My family just returned from a 5 day trip to Orlando, Florida. We are two adults and two kids (aged 6 and 9).

We wanted this trip to be relatively stress free, so we opted out of renting a car and decided to use Uber during our stay.

Here’s the breakdown of using Uber in Orlando.

Arrival at MCO

The most expensive Uber ride you’ll have for your entire stay is the ride from the airport to your hotel or resort. This is because only UberSELECT or UberSELECTXL are allowed to pick up at the Orlando International airport.

Once you arrive at the airport and pick up your bags you need to head to an exit between the car rental desks. The Uber pick up area is NOT well marked at all. We had to ask around but were quickly directed to where the pick up was.

Our Uber ride from the airport to our resort on International Blv. cost $53.14 but was friendly and efficient.

Uber in Orlando, Florida

Around Orlando

The main purpose of our trip to Orlando was to visit Walt Disney World. We needed to get to and from our resort for a bit of shopping, eating and to Walt Disney World. We used Uber 10 times during our stay.

We called an Uber to bring us to Epcot on our second morning. Our ride to Epcot from our resort was only $14.29. The driver dropped us off in the main parking lot where all other Epcot goers were paying $24 to park their cars for the day.

That night we were picked up from Disney’s Animal Kingdom and driven back to our resort. The cost of that ride was $13.88.

The next day we headed out early for Magic Kingdom. The driver dropped us off where all other Taxis were dropping off park guests. From the drop off point we took the Monorail to Magic Kingdom.

We were picked up from the same location later that night.

Price Break Down

Here’s the price break down of our Uber rides during our 5 days in Orlando. Keep in mind, we went shopping, went to Disney Springs and eventually were driven to a rental car location because we were driving to Fort Lauderdale the next day.

  • $54.14 (airport pick up)
  • $8.32
  • $10.30
  • $10.89
  • $9.42
  • $14.29 (drop off at Epcot)
  • $13.38 (return from Animal Kingdom)
  • $12.55 (drop off at Magic Kingdom)
  • $27.10 (late night return from Magic Kingdom)
  • $25.95 (ride to rental car location for our car heading to Fort Lauderdale)

Uber grand total: $185.34

Rough rental car estimate: $171 + gas + insurance + parking

Uber with Kids

As mentioned we were on this trip with our kids.

I brought my child’sĀ mifold booster seat for this trip but many Uber drivers told us that Uber rides fall under the same rules as taxi rides. Toddlers and kids are permitted to sit in the back seat without a booster seat.


Both my husband and I loved using Uber in Orlando. It was very easy to use, economical, safe and fast (we never waited for more than 5 minutes for an Uber to pick us up).

We also loved not having to navigate through a busy city we did not know and saved a lot on parking fees.

TIP: If you don’t have roaming when traveling in the USA you can always call an Uber by using wifi. All the stops we made during our stay in Orlando had wifi.

I would highly recommend using Uber when visiting Orlando.

Uber Orlando, Florida


I’d love to know, do you use Uber when traveling? What is your experience like?


  1. This system would be handy in a lot of places that you are only visiting for a week or two.

  2. I’ll have to remember to use Uber the next time we’re in Orlando! Great article šŸ™‚

  3. I’m super-careful about which provinces and states I use Uber; there are issues with insurance and the Uber drivers which may result in the passengers not having any coverages. And no, the “Uber policy” does not insure you if the driver is improperly insured or uninsured, they may pay you off to go away, but its not the same. I work in the insurance industry and risk management and I was involved in getting a system set up in Alberta, so I have first hand-experience with how they do business. So just be super-careful… I have used it in California, New York and its been okay. I wish they would treat their female employees better and their drivers fairly. Just sayin’…

  4. We don’t have uber, but I have heard it’s a great service and a whole lot faster and better then taxi service!!

  5. I would use Uber because it’s fast and easier than trying to park and pay parking fees.They have really expanded.Thanks for the gret review.

  6. I’ve never used Uber but I think I definitely would. It sounds more affordable and then you don’t have to pay parking fees, which can really add up. Thanks for the info, it’s great to know.

  7. I know this may sound strange but I don’t even know what uber is all about except it put taxis basically out of business. I live in a small town where taxis are still used so I’ll have to do some research.

    1. The main benefit of Uber is how easy and fast it is to get a ride. They are also half the price (or more) than taxis. It’s a great service. We don’t have Uber where I live but I do like using it when traveling.

  8. Uber sounds like a great idea to me, parking fees at places like this can add up very quickly. On top of that it must be more relaxing for the driver too, not having to find your way in a new place

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